Library offers Tor nodes; DHS tells them to stop


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They “Tor” it up…

Sorry, I’m drinking at my desk, again.


DHS stopped 'em cause DHS don’t like these fancy computers and such.


“For all the good that a Tor may allow as far as speech, there is also the criminal side that would take advantage of that as well,” Isham said. “We felt we needed to make the city aware of it.”

Based on that FUDdy logic, a much better place to start would be notifying the idiot mayor that automobiles are often used in criminal activity.


Used in repressive regimes by dissidents and journalists…

See? We don’t need TOR in the Land of the Free. At least, the good guys don’t.


Deputy City Manager Paula Maville said that when she learned about Tor
at the meeting with the police and the librarians, she was concerned
about the service’s association with criminal activities such as
pornography and drug trafficking.

Wait, what? Plenty of pornography is legal.


Regardless of what those liberal perverts on the Supreme Court say, it shouldn’t be legal..

watching porn “puts the country’s security in danger, encourages violent acts, unacceptable behaviour in society, exploitation of children and lowers the dignity of women”.

'nuf said!


Wasn’t there an actual study that showed that as different areas of the US went online and had access to internet porn, that STI’s and sexual assault numbers dropped? I’m way to lazy to look up the specifics, so I’m only going off vague memory here.


Hey Boingers – volunteers needed for a special study :laughing:


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