The Torist: a literary journal on the darknet

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Pretentious gimmick or… can’t see any other options actually.

This seems like kind of a fuck-you to libraries who might want to store the journal in their electronic collection.

On the other hand it now occurs to me that some academic libraries especially require logins that could make it very easy to track who’s reading what. In the old days it was easy to dump circulation records. Now I’m sure it all gets stored somewhere.

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Can’t the file be downloaded off Tor and then stored and accessed locally?

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Reminds me of all the fluff about “Teh Dark Web” the last few years. Lots of claims of spooky dark things like records of human experimentation, and ghosts and whatever.

On a lark, I did download the Tor bundle and try tracking that stuff down. Actually kind of fun, once I found it. It’s obviously bogus, made as a prank or hoax or whatever because Tor is dark and spooky and in some people’s minds lends an air of credence to the whole thing. It made for fun AR fiction. Somebody kindly took screenshots so you don’t have to monkey around with Tor to view it:

I fully expect the journal to be filled with largely CreepyPasta and conspiracy stuff in a similar vein. In other words, it should be good fun.

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Literary? Just poetry about heroin and child porn, obviously. If they had nothing to hide, why would they be hiding it? Probably the next William Burroughs or some such degenerate.

Now it all gets deleted as per your data retention policy. To be fair the bulk anonymising for statistical purposes that your LMS does is probably not that safe. But it is completely unethical and unprofessional not to make a decent attempt at protecting your clients.

I’d worry a lot less about libraries than pretty much any other institution or service collecting your data.


That’s a very good idea. It’s not what services like LOCKSS and Portico were intended for or what they’re currently being used for, but it wouldn’t hurt for them to expand what they do.

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