Kilton Library's Tor node is back online

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All I know is I woke up this morning and my whole world has changed, I don’t know if I can accept another format change. What gives?


Just a clarification. The Kilton Library is a public library in Lebanon, NH.

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I live in Lebanon, had no idea that the library was the first in the USA to do this. Good for them. Live Free or Die as the slogan goes!


When my wife went to New Hampshire for work years ago, she told me that the license plates read ‘Live Free or Die’. I couldn’t believe something so confrontational could be official that close to the Canuckistani border. I had to look it up.

Much unlike Einstein’s God, 'mericans are not subtle, whereas the jury is still out on the malice part.

A clarification: It’s not the first library in the US to host a Tor node, it’s the first to do so under the Library Freedom Project. But this is still very cool.

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The DHS letter was just a stalling tactic until the NSA got physical access to the library’s computers

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