First ever video of Ghost Shark, with sex organ on its head, alive in the ocean


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Buh-huh. Dick head.

Sorry, it’s Friday.


that is one cool looking fish!


I prefer the giant brass knockers (see previous article).


And perhaps most fascinating, male chimaeras sport retractable sex organs on their foreheads.

Is that unusual? I have one of those.



Oh, you said retractable. I thought you said detachable.


It does seem like a missed opportunity.


No relation?


“First ever video of Ghost Shark” … that’s a bit of a misleading click-bait title. There are tons of Chimaera videos all over the place. First of this specific species maybe, but as the video mentions, they can be quite difficult to tell apart.



If you didn’t do it, I would have.


Is that Jeffery Combs? What is that from? One of the Reanimator movies?


Yep. From Beyond. The film that director Stuart Gordon and stars Combs and Barbara Crampton did after Re-animator. Also, based (loosely) on Lovecraft. Not as outstanding as the first Re-animator, but well worth a viewing.

And it’s got Ken Foree!


Thanks! I’ll have to watch that sometime soon!

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