Amazing photo of fish inside a jellyfish


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And the jellyfish said, “nom nom nom”.


/me sighs

I’m full of goldfish crackers and nobody takes pictures of me.

More like “Ahhh! This fish won’t get out of my ass!”


Everything is “sex” with you.


So the psychiatrist shows the guy a picture of a house and says, "What do you think of when you see this?"
The guy says, "Sex."
He shows him a picture of a car. “And this?”
He shows him a picture of a tree.
“Obviously you’re obsessed with sex.”
“What do you mean? You’re the one with all the dirty pictures.”


Wrong. Sometimes I complain about the new Ghostbusters movie.*


  • And I’ve been doing that since 1989, before complaining about the new Ghostbusters movie was cool!


I’m giving you an imaginary interwebs hug, indeed.


Fish has regrets.


Stop it! You’re wrecking my childhood memories of a time when you didn’t complain about the new Ghostbusters movie!


I remember back in 1984 when I complained about them ruining the Ghostbusters movie by making it.


I think the only way to set the fish free would be to kill the jelly.

I guess I would consider what might be better for the health of the ocean at this point in time (not that freeing one tiny fish will save the planet, of course.)

[Additional thought: are we sure the fish was “swallowed”, or did he just swim up into the cup of the jellyfish and get stuck because he can’t swim backwards? In other words, he keeps trying to swim away but he’s surrounded by jelly-- you’ll note his tail is outside the jellyfish.]


This is a very interesting photo, but it is not likely that the jelly has “eaten” the fish. It looks like a juvenile jack, and these like to take shelter wherever they can find. I have never seen one do this, but I suspect thta is what is happening. if the fish had been stung, and was inside the stomach of the jelly, I don’t think it would be so lively.


If you’re not transparent, I’m not interested.



Cousin Lesley’s See-Through Stomach
By Brian Patten

Cousin Lesley took a pill
That made her go invisible.
Perhaps this would have been all right
If everything was out of sight.

But all around her stomach swam
Half-digested bread and jam,
And no matter how she tried
She couldn’t hide what was inside.

In the morning we often noted
How the toast and porridge floated,
And how unappetizing in the light
Was the curry from last night.

Some Gruyere had fallen victim
To her strange digestive system,
And there seemed a million ways
To digest old mayonnaise.

We were often fascinated
By the stuff left undigested,
A mish-mash of peas and jelly
Drifted round our cousin’s belly.

Certain bits of Cornish pastie
Looked repugnant and quite nasty,
While the strawberries from last year
Were without cream, I fear.

And at dinner, oh dear me!
What a disgusting sight to see
Chewed-up fish and cold brown tea
Where cousin Lesley’s tum should be.


Nooooo! Nemo!


New from Trojan! Jellyfish condoms! With a special organic compound that can add spice in the bedroom with a tingling sensationaaaaaa off! Get it off! Oh my god, it burns!

Also, it looks sorta like a space helmet.

Poor fish, but if you can’t out wit a brainless predator, I guess that is just Evolution.

ETA - Last words for the fish were: “Charge!.. Oh shit, I think I fucked up.”


Perfect for those into golden showers…


i hope this was an adventurous fresh water fish scientist wanting to explore the ocean in his jelly submersible.


I think I’ve changed my mind. That’s worse than Monty Python’s Haggis Poem. :thermometer_face: