Flesh sucking phone charger is one of a kind


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This again? Has it somehow become more interesting since the last time this was on Boing Boing?


I was about to call the dragon but this is indeed a ‘new’ post…
The giant heart and videos are new at least.



The depressing and sadistic fish story kind of ruined the mood for the strange and cool stuff that followed.


Is that the groinal attachment?


Taking a living thing and turning it into an inamiate object with interesting characteristics, is a vastly different sort of activity from taking inanimate materials and turning them into interestingly shaped functional objects. When the author can’t tell the difference between these two activities, I just sort of want to tune out.


eXistenZ. Written like this. One word. Small ‘E’, capital ‘X’, capital ‘Z’. ‘eXistenZ’. It’s new, it’s from Antenna Research, and it’s here… right now.


…to everything in the OP, especially the cruelty to that poor fish. Just no.


Really wondering how much bother it would be to make a DIY, perhaps less animated version of that recharger.


You get a like just for using a Cowboy Bebop gif.
I missed the fish part of the story as this has been posted before. The charger, well I have seen eXistenZ and other Cronenberg films so it is creepy but not something that makes me go nope.


I think it’s pretty much the fish story that set me up for disgust. Otherwise it’s kinda icky, but not that bad. If it was more Giger-esque I might like it a little. But would I use it? Nope. And especially not after the story. :confounded:


No longer sure if we are talking about this item or Existenz?

Edit: Is this the game?


“A Fleshlight for my iPhone? No respect I tell ya, even that thing gets more action than I do.”


Seconding @TobinL: that is my new favorite nope gif, especially with the SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY thrown in there :smiley:


Yeah, I kinda want to ask the author what the hell is wrong with him, to think that would go over well. “One time I watched a guy torture an animal to death for kicks! Pretty interesting, huh? Huh?”


“One of a kind?” So all we have to do is kill it with fire and we’ll be safe.


I’ve got a nice Videotape to go along with that…


That reminds me… are they serving the McRib year round now, or is it just a summer thing?


Friend of the artist here. One correction, Mio Iizawa is a she, not a he.