First look at Metal Gear Solid 3 remake shown off

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Firmly uninterested, screw Konami after their poor treatment of game devs and Kojima

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It does seem inappropriate for fans of Kojima to support the release of any of the rereleases of games in the series considering his fallout with Konami. Personally, I don’t know of any 100% confirmed details about his departure, but I know there were arguments about the budget for that last MGS game and he was basically removed from all marketing and award shows upon release of the game.

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Beyond that Konami has a history of abusive behavior and terrible working conditions, and that’s in an industry already known for mistreating workers. Don’t spend your money on them, they’re an all around awful company.

and doesn’t look like things have improved if things like this are happening

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One of my best friends works for a different company but is developing a game for Konami. It’s not so cut and dry for me as “Don’t spend your money on them” because I also want to support my friend’s career. I’m certainly not buying any of this new Metal Gear stuff. Most of my interest in the company was from decades back, when they were releasing Castlevania, Gradius, and Contra titles. But my friend’s game is one I want to be successful despite the company that will get most of the press about it.

Those examples from Konami sound particularly egregious in an industry that, as you noted, is already pretty terrible regarding working conditions. I’d love to across the board stop supporting companies that do that, not just Konami. I guess I could just solely support independent companies – until they start working on titles for the bigger companies.

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You should get the word out and support your friend’s work. I know there’s plenty of other folks that get impacted by avoiding certain publishers and developers but at least for me i try to avoid certain companies on principle though it works out since i mostly play indie games to begin with because i dont have time to play larger games.


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