First question - swing and a miss

I liked the talk and no, the exasperated sighs weren’t a distraction or a problem for me. I actually laughed each time, not that it was intended to be funny or even that it was funny, more the sort of giddy pleasure I get when seeing a proper smackdown.

The one thing that really stopped me dead was that first question. After 40 minutes of great points, pleas and examples, some dude stands up and says “hey babe, sweetie, I know you’re upset but if you’d calmed down enough to ask a man, I could have told you what points are really important.”

Wow. I had sort of imagined that the people who would attend this talk would be a little sympathetic. If not, maybe something would penetrate. But nope, first word from the audience just mansplains the whole thing away. Holy crap. If it weren’t so painful to watch, that would have been a great example of the shit women deal with. From supporters no less.

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