First solo album by C418, creator of Minecraft's music

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$45 for a recording of digitally produced music, stored on a fragile medium as it’s analog waveforms… Clearly it’s intended as a collector’s item for those with more money than sense. (and those folks will probably play it on their $15,000 audiophile grade record player, hooked into their $20,000 system via $1,000 denon directional interconnects.



Came here to say the same thing, like this:

“[Y]ou can get the Minecraft soundtrack on vinyl for $45 at Amazon.” - - Yes, but why?

It’s a novelty item. Maybe it’s for Minecraft fans who want something relatively unique. Maybe it’s a conversation starter, or a spur-of-the-moment purchase for people who have found something they really like and don’t mind spending a few bucks on it. It’s ok to like things, and enjoy things, even if it doesn’t always make sense from the outside. We should try to remember not to yuck somebody else’s yum.

While this may be one of his first major releases that are not in any way tied to the Minecraft name, he actually has released several other albums. This album is, however, quite the milestone for him.

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