Fisher-Price iPad Apptivity Seat, Newborn-to-Toddler


It is a parent’s obligation to prepare their child for the future:


Gross, I hate that thing on sight. For parents who would rather stick their kids in a seat and let a shiny box entertain them than sit their kids in their laps and read a book, or take them out in the yard, or any of the other 10,000 activities that would provide a bonding and development situation. Seriously, screw that contraption.


Something tells me it’s going to get recalled. I’ve seen this thing all over the net for the past few days, completely in a negative light.

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I suppose that these are acceptable for Alphas and Betas, but I hope that there is an electrified version for Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons…


Amazon has it as the #12 seller in Baby seats…

Best Sellers Rank #2,726 in Baby (See top 100) #12 in Baby > Gear > Baby Seats

It looks pretty disgusting, but it’s probably harmless for babies because they won’t be interested. Babies want social and physical interaction. They like to sit with you and bang things around.

Too bad Cory tells us “Reasons My Son Is Crying declared the CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad”


iPad Apptivity Seat or Never Worry About Your Child Again Care Giver.

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One of the most enjoyable movies IMO

And you don’t suspect that babies will get less of those things if their caregivers think them happily occupied in their offspring programming socket?


Sure, it’s a start, but the kid is still exposed to the outside world. Needs a complete, opaque, soundproof bubble so the kid has no input or output beyond their digital companion.


I know a single mother who spends literally every single waking moment with her baby, not a moment to herself, and it’s destroying her sanity. She needs electronic baby distracters just to get enough downtime to remain fit to care for her child.

And, on top of all that, she gets to deal with sanctimonious pricks with two-parent households and/or enough money for full-time day care saying that she shouldn’t be allowed to purchase devices like this.

If half the vitriol being directed at this little gizmo were used to campaign for more and better free/discounted day care options for single mothers, some kids might actually get to have better lives. But that’s not nearly as satisfying as a good Internet Hate Session.


I get that this has potential for lazy parenting. And will be used as such. But … I can imagine some very cool applications that wouldn’t turn kids into blithering blobs if used with appropriate moderation.

Third option: Get together with other people with similar age kids and time-share. I reckon that’s one reason people push each other to get married and have kids around the same time, it tends to result in similar-aged children than can more easily be cared for in a group by a reduced number of adults, allowing the others to undertake normal duties. Coordinating this kind of thing is one area where technology can be Incredibly powerful.

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How many children do you have?

I heard it comes bundled with a pretty decent C++ programming environment, for advanced babies.

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I can never understand why single mothers get so much hate. They are often playing life at ‘deity level’ but are resented for anything free that they get. In the UK you even get people claiming that girls get pregnant for the welfare checks.


I only have the one, but I agree with him. Anecdotes are not data, but one of the kids in my kid’s daycare is figuratively glued to a Leap pad when he’s in his stroller and a) he always looks bored with it and b) he’s a bit of a hitter and a late talker. I don’t think this is a good choice. It might suck sometimes, but strapping them to your chest and involving them in your life is better for them longterm.


Enough to remember the temptation to utilize toys to occupy their attention instead of fulfilling my responsibilities. This thing isn’t going to help develop motor skills, coordination, socialization, communication, or any of the other age appropriate development areas.

How many kids do you have? Would you / will you be strapping them into this thing?