Fitness app releases data-set that reveals the location of sensitive military bases, patrol routes, aircrew flightpaths, and individual soldiers' jogging routes


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Workout app accidentally reveals secret military bases

“jogging routes” are what they are calling it these days?


This looks like a giant clusterfuck. Not sure i’d even consider it an “oops”.


Not Strava’s fault that people use it to track their location when performing sensitive activities. No sympathy for people who fail to investigate the privacy implications of the apps they use when they should know better.


what the…


For any confused, that’s Burning Man/Blackrock City. The hard lines around the edge are, I’m assuming, the Blackrock Rangers on patrol duty.


Hmm. Fire up Android Studio, set up a virtual device, load the app, feed it fake GPS coordinates of places you definitely shouldn’t be jogging.

Wait for someone to notice. Enjoy the fun.


The Department of Defense, and burning man. The two biggest pentagons in America.


like doing Mach 6 circles above Moscow?


As Strava is sort of designed as a fitness app, one would think Strava would filter out speed (and acceleration) that exceeds the capability of human runners, cyclists,etc.

But suprisingly, it would be common for the app to show me at 65+mph in San Francisco’s Stockton tunnel, despite my ~25mph speed at entry and exit. And often I’d see the new “KOM” of my bicycle segments averaging 45mph on pancake flat ground.

Eventually it would be corrected, but you’d think Strava would edit this crowning achievement of their fitness tracking app by filtering out people clearly in airplanes and automobiles.

Makes me want to go create some inappropriate segments in the middle of large population centers… muahahahaha


Um, guys?

bbs - where readers njnja the editors.


And the editors rarely give the readers credit.


The Pentagon was build as a, well, pentagon because for quite a lot of applications it’s a “good enough” approximation of a circle. Especially for buildings, roads, pipelines, etc.


It’s like there’s some sort of residual trail of where someone has been before… :smirk:


as someone who’s had to deal with curved glass windows in a SF Edwardian, I’d say it was a good choice.



Well, the regulars know what they have in each other. Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Hmm. There could be a story in this. Interdimensional/temporal something something…


As an side note: is that building in the bottom left of the main image supposed to look like a giant gun?gun%20building


500 words on my desk by Wednesday. Show your references.