Five arrested in UK after burning Grenfell Tower model on bonfire

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That tag, though. /o\

Rob, that’s not exactly non-inflammatory.


Does that mean something?

It’s probably a reference to people wearing niqabs.


I like that the UK has some laws under which people who celebrate the deaths of other people can be shamed. Would be nice for people who actually cause those deaths to be held accountable as well.

“Ninja” is a racist slur in the UK. “At the minute” is “at the moment”.


He’s not wrong though…

There are significantly more knife murders per person in the US than in the UK, though the gap has narrowed a bit in the last few years.

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Boiling it down to this tag is not doing the discussion any justice, that’s what I’m saying. It might not be wrong, but it surely isn’t right as well?

One-word tag vs. feature-length report:


Especially when the whole “knife crime” scaremongering thing is also very close to being a racist cipher for “look at the scary black boys”.


My point exactly.

FTR, German racists-in-parliament party AfD tried to establish the term “Messermigration” (knife migration), clearly inspired by the news coverage from the UK.

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Meanwhile, folks are still waiting for the people responsible for the Grenfell Tower tragedy to be held accountable.


It’s a crime in the UK to be a drunk shithead in your own backyard? I just watched the video and this is clearly not out in public.


The video is public though. Had they kept this to themselves there would be no issue to begin with


The short answer is yes, at least if there is reason to believe that people outside your backyard can see what you’re up to in there.

Possibly even without that expectation since the relevant legislation exempts things done inside a ‘dwelling’ where you have no reason think people outside can see. ‘Dwelling’ being defined as a structure or part of a structure used as a residence and structure including tents, etc. but importantly not gardens.

Edit to add: and just being a drunk shithead is not enough.

Relevant legislation is here:

In any event uploading it to social media kind of makes it public.

There are some hefty problems with any potential prosecution anyway.

The intent to cause harassment, etc. part for one. At least as far as the actual burning goes.

They might well be able to argue that that wasn’t intended to harass or intimidate. The posting on social media on the other hand…

It appears initially to have done the rounds in whatsapp groups and then spread to Twitter and Facebook.

I suspect the police would not have done anything about it if the men hadn’t handed themselves in.


No matter the country, there is only ever one knife murder per person.


“Knifecrime island”? Seriously?

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As long as the people who built, run and certified Grenfell tower are still at large, I honestly do not give a shit.

edit: Whatever punishment they get, I couldn’t care less, fuck them. But, as long as those who actually kill people run free, outrage against those who speak ugly is just a gesture of pacification.


Seventy-two people, many of them poor people of color, died in Grenfell Tower when the shoddily-maintained tower went up in flames last year.

Not quite correct. It may have been shoddily maintained, but all those people died because building regulations allowed highly flammable cladding panels to be used on this tower.


We have a term for this in the US: “perfectly normal.”


And we’re still waiting for those who set fire to the real tower - the guys who decided to save £4,000 on fireproofing, and the politicians who let them - to go to jail.

Mass murderers go free, pranksters go to jail. Brave new world.