Watch Prime Minister May hurry to her car as an angry crowd bellows at her


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Another craven, clueless, plutocratic coward.

Fingers crossed that this latest round of murderous mendacity finally consigns May to the dustbin of history.



Yeas, that is a complete sentence.


All the witches I know are much better people than the likes of her.


Hell no.


May got a taste of her own medicine, AWESOME!


Don’t you think she looks tired?



I chose not to use this as the featured image. Let it not be said that I am merciless.


Yes Rob, you are most merciful


Uk needs a brand new social dystopian writer for this beginning century : something like a Philip K. Dickens.


It’s too bad the election wasn’t held now - it would have totally removed the Tories from power. May is now less popular than Trump (and that was true before his happened).


It’s a duck! It’s a duck!


Thinking I should invest in a bulk purchase of Guy Fawkes masks…



We can do better. I’m guessing $0.50/mask wholesale direct from China, including container shipping to the UK. Maybe less if our order is over a million units.

Seriously, this horrific event may end up having Triangle Factory Fire level consequences for the UK’s ownership class and their political lapdogs, and that’s if they’re lucky.



I find myself hoping more and more that the world’s cruellest heads of state will be deposed, if only so that my eyes can be spared the sight of more of @beschizza’s photoshop nightmares.


Aside from the visusl horror, the even scarier part for me is imagining the sounds coming out of those mouths.



What delicious irony. Yes, buy more Anon masks.

But there is a tasty irony about the fact that the V mask is itself a copyrighted product. Every time that Rubies sells one – for $6.49, £5.16 or €10.50 – a cut of the profit goes to Warner Bros