Five dumb things that NSA apologists should really stop saying



The really dumb one which makes me fear that the psychological argument is already lost:

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, citizen.

(And, yes, as it happens I am reading Glenn Greenwald’s book at the moment.)


I’m waiting for the knock on the door at 3am, “This is Pre-Crime! Open your door! We are armed and ready to use lethal force!”


Which is parroted unless you are filming the police. Then suddenly you’re an asshole. Hey, if you’re doing your job correctly you have nothing to fear, right?

(Disclosure: I have 3 cousins who are cops)


What kind of terrorists are so stupid that they don’t use Tracfones, or the like?

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Public servants in the execution of their duties have no expectation of privacy, particularly those who are granted special powers. I have no problem with that: hell I have no expectation of privacy while performing my duties doing IT for a small public arts company, and I don’t get to carry a gun or use lethal force.

I really wish people wouldn’t frame it like “gosh, that’s a dumb thing to say, look it’s refuted in this blog post!”

They are liars. They lie. They have paid people who propagate their lies so fool the gullible and confuse the poorly informed. This has nothing to do with smart, stupid or true. It’s how they get things done, and that’s all they’ll ever care about.

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Also “a high rate of speed.” Really, non-NSA-apologists should stop saying that too. Just say “high speed.”

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