Terrorism experts: evacuating embassies is "crazy pants," "absurd hyperbole"




Future quote:

“We might never have discovered this nefarious plot if it were not for the valiant efforts of our intelligence community in their unceasing diligence in the gathering of the data that revealed this evil plan.”


Well, I don’t know about anybody else here, but I for one feel a whole lot safer now.

(I’m quite proud of myself, you guys didn’t see it but I managed to type almost half that sentence without smirking!)


“Hey, Omar, isn’t it hilarious that we can cost the State Department tens of millions of dollars by holding a conference call?”

“Oh yes, yes it is.”


What is wrong with you people? How can you fail to be terrified? It’s unAmerican!


I don’t know about this “crazy pants” business. Given what we know of the situation, I feel like it would be more accurate to paint it as “cuckoo bananas.”


When you are caught in a lie, what do you do? If you are an honest person, you own up to it. If you are a habitual liar, like Obama and the rest of the intelligence establishment, you tell another lie to get out of it. Oh, I’m sure there is some amount of intelligence that they found so that they can only say that they “overreacted” when a Congressional committee investigates it.

“The ends justifies the means.” This is the new government oath of office. And if the ends aren’t enough, then keep moving the goalposts.


OMG! unAmerican! I better reconsi … oh, wait a minute. I’m Canadian. :smiley:


Yeah, I’m actually surprised the “we better toss out a good scare to shut them all up about the NSA stuff, and get everyone back on board” campaign took so long to get rolling…


The moment the news broke, I thought it was just a way to divert our attention from Snowden’s asylum in Russia. I still think so.


I don’t think that “they” would use the word nefarious. Other than that, spot on.


I never thought they would use the word “nefarious” either, until I recalled ol’ George using “evil doers”


How many times can the sky fall on us before it gets old?
Even the guys on South Park quit killing Kenny (ohmygod…you bastards…)


Nonsense! There’s plenty of evidence! I read about it in the newspaper. It was called “chatter”.


The security precautions give 28 ambassadors some time to catch up on Shark Week. It’s all good.


It worked!


You really seem convinced that the current administration invented this modus operandi.

They didn’t.


Do you attack everything I say and make up things that I haven’t said just out of spite? I never said any such thing and you know it. Go away, troll.


Yeah but, you don’t have to look up “evil doers” in the dictionary. (Not that it would be in there anyway).


That’s bullshit.