Five tips for organizing counter clutter


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But what if some test I took that one time showed that I’m a “piler, not a filer”?


This video stimulates my deep seated storage envy; co-morbid feelings of inadequacy exacerbated by perkiness aversion.


They forgot the most important tip of all: have a kitchen with more drawers than most people have in their entire homes, including bedroom dressers.


You can sort through all your clutter at once with one simple tool, provided that tool is a flamethrower.


I didn’t need to fight clutter before @markfrauenfelder started showing me all these awesome kitchen gadgets! :wink:


I read the title as Five tips for organizing counter culture

And just assumed that the picture was either on target or sarcastically on target.

But then all the talk about piling and drawers had me confused.

4chan's trumpist trolls are exploiting the Ghost Ship fire to narc out other DIY venues

That’d be good. Now as much as ever, the counterculture does need to get organized.


The most important tip. Just don’t have that much cluttering stuff :wink:


I try to stay positive, esp. in these dark times, and, yes, I too have my issues with clutter, but this is one of the most annoying people I have ever enCOUNTERED (bad pun alert) on the internet.

Now I have to organize my bookmarks by moving BB into the “rarely used” drawer, if I can find it.


Wait, decluttering is therapeutic? It makes me anxious.


Same. Not even just because I’m afraid I’m throwing away something I need. It’s a weird feeling of despair that’s largely due to magical thinking.

Ironically, my need for clutter is a symptom of OCD.


I need five tips for cleaning up my significant other’s clutter without getting in an enormous amount of trouble.


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