Fiverr's new recruiting ad promises to literally work you to death


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You may be a doer.

If you fall for this, you definetively are a sucker


At least they’re being open about it. That’s a plus!


“In doers we trust”. Because those thinkers can get unruly.


…and thinkers who are doers would put the top management on the street where they belong.


If I understand the business model, fiverr doesn’t promise to work you to death, but to facilitate your working yourself to death, while taking their cut of the proceeds.


Could be an ad for EDS or Perot Systems back in the day. I worked for both. Never again.


As a design freelancer, Fiverr is my sworn enemy and mortal nemesis.

It’s destroying my career and livelihood one five-dollar logo at a time.


Ah yes, I had forgotten that: another place to help freelancers race to the bottom.


we really need a reboot of Max Headroom, only set right now. Mercilessly mock corporate shit culture.


There’s a car tv ad running in the UK at the moment (no idea who for because the one job the ad had, it failed to do), which talks about “thinkers” and “doers” and strongly implies that “thinkers” are a complete waste of space and that “doers” are the only people who matter.
It’s clearly part of a wholesale world view shift, and I think it’s very disturbing.


I can’t get past the first line.

How does one “eat a coffee?”


As long as results like the former obtain, the latter will fall flat on its face.


That line is a secret message of defiance from the ad copy writer who is telling readers to STAY. AWAY.


When I was young and getting my career started, I could and definitely did work like that on-and-off over several years. Difference was it was for clients I had to find through personal contacts, word of mouth and cold calls, and it was to create my own business, not give a big cut of it away.

With a drip feed of $5 work to fall back on, maybe I wouldn’t have come up with the initiative to reach for more.

Yet another of life’s filters to get trapped in.


+20 minutes.


That and the horrible line breaks.


That’s a fair point. Although that may just be me, because I wasn’t especially interested in the subject of the ad (the brand of car), since I don’t drive. Indeed, thinking about it, I can recall feeling similarly about some adverts for an alcoholic drink of some kind (which fetishised the idea that partying and drinking were the only good way to spend an evening), and I can’t remember the brand because I don’t drink.
So it’s possible that the ads succeeded in that I took away a subliminal message whilst not being overtly interested in the specific brand. It may not have been the message the advertisers wanted me to take, but who knows? Maybe there’s a secret subversive cabal who are trying to do this. Which is, as others have noted, one way that this advert could be read too. :slight_smile:


I may have to put on pants to work, but being a corporate drone makes living such much easier than freelance. Hopefully you have a partner that pays the required bills, as work is often feast or famine.


Freeze it.