Flashback: The immortal Gene Gene the Dancing Machine


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i lived through the 70s and sometimes even i look back and wonder wtf was going on then.


Isn’t the saying that if you can remember the 70s, you weren’t there?


Hey - the guy is wearing a Royals Jersey. That was George Brett’s Rookie number.


What an odd coincidence - I was just looking him up over the weekend!
I have really fond memories of watching the Gong Show back in the 70s.


As a kid, I enjoyed a lot of ‘grown up’ game/variety shows like this just as much as cartoons at the time. Adults acting zany with each other! This is how I thought adulthood was like when children weren’t around.


i thought that was about the 60s, but i can’t remember. :o)


No, the saying is “If the 70s aren’t indelibly and painfully seared like a brand into your brain, you weren’t there.”


The Gong Show and Match Game-- it musta been fun to get drunk while being paid to do a silly TV game show.


Along with the gong show, there was another…


Me too. There was a lot of zaniness on so many shows.

/ I had the hots for Fannie Flagg on Match Game.


Still do!


Thank you for reviving some fine Gene Gene memories.

But I think The Gong Show was primetime. It was in Milwaukee anyway.


I thought that was the 80’s. :confused:


“Mommy, why do those two girls give me a funny feeling in my pants?”


In 1974 when I was 13 I was in a horrific car crash and spent much of that year and the next in bed recovering. The Gong Show (and Match Game and All My Children) made life tolerable. I LIVED to see Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.

Such pleasant memories of an otherwise lousy year. Thank you.


It’s even better when sped up 160%.


Hell yes! I know @pesco loves Gene too!


Sam Rockwell really is the only Hollywood actor who could’ve played Chuck Barris.


They’re showing a lot of Tattletales on Buzzr network, a show I didn’t previously know of. there’s a gamification aspect, but it boils down to hollywood couples telling the funny, unusual stories that have happened to them, as if at a dinner party or the like. Betty White, Shatner, and Jerry and Elaine Stiller are regulars. Just watching for the clothes and set is pretty entertaining.

They aired Gong Show re-runs in the afternoon on UHF in Detroit, which I watched daily the summer my aunt took care of me. When Gene Gene would appear, I would dance along with religious fervor.