Flight attendants in Denver passed out fliers to spread awareness of "unruly passenger" epidemic

Originally published at: Flight attendants in Denver passed out fliers to spread awareness of "unruly passenger" epidemic | Boing Boing


The legislation will work if a majority of Congress hasn’t been diverted to private jets.


Of course nobody can condone the awful behaviours by a small portion of passengers as noted in the article, but airlines sure aren’t doing much to help things by making almost everything about flying worse and worse. Seat pitch is smaller, carry-ons are more plentiful and bigger, meals are non-existent or expensive, lead time before boarding and departure is longer, more flights delayed or cancelled… it’s actually sort of a wonder more passengers aren’t snapping.


…because airlines are charging out the wazoo for checked bags, with no guarantee they will arrive along with you. Unless you are on one of the no-frills airlines, in which case you will be charged a la carte for carryons!


It was implicit, but of course I blame the airlines for there being more carry-ons.

Probably a hot take / not popular opinion, but I think I’ll be happier when there are assigned overhead bins. Your carry-ons don’t all fit in your assigned overhead bin? Then they go under the seat in front of you, not in the bin above my head.


Having had previous bad experiences with checked bags, whenever possible I will fly carryon only. I have a venerable backpack that fits neatly under the seat in front of me. If I need more, and I have a friend or relative where I’m going, I’ll mail a flat rate priority box with my extra stuff rather than check a bag.


When I travelled for work more often, I had a really nifty “suit burrito” carryon and a roller bag that fit perfectly. Now, neither of those items fit. The suit burrito is technically too long (though it still fits 737s and A320s overhead bins) and the roller computer bag is nowhere close to fitting under the seats of even those larger local planes. CRJ? Forget it.


They passed out fliers! I mean, if you disable the cabin oxygen, sure will be a quiet flight.


“We hope that people will tap into their common behaviors are that they use on the ground”

Umm…have you been on the ground recently?


The, also recent, stories of passengers whose seats are covered in vomit and faeces are they “unruly”?


They go to lost & found.




… stories about air travel these days don’t exactly make me ever want to fly again :grimacing:


I’m not saying it’s the FA fault, but maybe cut down on the alcohol poured? A lot of “unrulyness” seems to be rooted in drunken passengers who lose all inhibitions once they’re sloshed. Or if they come onboard 3 sheets to the wind, don’t provide them with more booze. Have them booted off or stopped at check in before the plane even gets in the air. I don’t know what airline regulations are, but surely, like a bar, you can cut them off when they’ve overindulged?


I consider myself a pretty genteel, calm person, but sitting in a too-small-for-my-legs and body airplane seat for 3 hours, only to sit on the ground waiting for a gate for 45 minutes in 85 degree heat, pushes past many of my tolerances. I can easily imagine 1 person out of 100 losing their cool, and it only takes one person. This is the result when you have four carriers handling 90% of domestic traffic, and they are all in effective collusion, reducing their costs and extracting more profit, buying back stock and paying their CEOs 300 times average. I have started to calmly but clearly state my opinion of the flight experience to the pilot and stewardess as I exit the plane, because what else can I do? Call my Congressperson or Senator? We are all powerless in this madness.


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