Passenger arrested after threatening to blow up the plane

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Man what is with all the people just losing it on planes? It is multiple times a week there is something.


Too much alcohol? Air pressure turning brains into twinkies? Just general assholes who’d be screaming at baristas if they weren’t in a plane? But yes, it’s weirdly constant. I don’t even know if they actually put these people in jail, or if First Class travel gives you crime privileges.


Same as it ever was


How abou this: A tube with a hatch that opens to the outside. The passengers and creew vote on whether to open the hatch or leave the idiot in there until landing. Given the tine land multiple votes could be taken :wink:

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Personal opinion?

The airlines overbook flights and overserve alcohol. The TSA makes the security line stressful and upsetting. There are bars everywhere in the concourse. The seats keep getting smaller (and/or we keep getting bigger.) The turbulence is getting rougher and rougher due to global warming. The winter storms on the other side mean deicing has to happen earlier and earlier at airports that aren’t used to doing deicing and have only a few pads. (Looking at you, KATL), so a flight booked to leave at the top of the hour is now leaving 40 minutes past. Pilots are scarce because the vast majority of them were right wing nutjobs who quit over COVID shots.

Add in the stress of travelling because people are going on emergency trips because a loved one is sick or dying and it’s the perfect recipe for an issue.

And I LIKE travelling. I do a lot of it. It’s just way, way, WAY more stressful than it’s ever been.


A tipping point was reached during the pandemic.
I remember that the FAA started to give out ridiculously high fines

It didn’t help that airlines have been getting shittier and shittier

If a passenger faces a stressful situation, and believes that those stressful situations are non unavoidable, but in fact are deliberate, that passenger might be more inclined to snap.

COVID-19 might be expected to delay planes-- more time required to sanitize planes, less time available to clean up trash. Less personal available to properly crew planes, more cancelations, leading to delays propagating around the system like falling dominoes. And, if someone is telling you at the same time that covid-19 mitigation is virtue signaling as a nefarious scheme to take profits, well…

Oh, if you can’t drink on planes, because some other people can’t handle their liquor, you might as well “pregame” at the numerous airport bars. :wink:

In short, it’s the human equivalent of grocery stores running out of toilet paper because maximizing profit requires removing all the slack from the system. And now that the tacit consent has been blown away, we’re stuck with an permanently enlarged cohort of potential assholes.

Maybe this trend will stop when the price of eggs returns to “normal”.




I hope the crew didn’t search through the backpack while in flight. Anti-tamper mechanisms could have set of the charges, had an actual explosive been present.


If you’re not taking the incident seriously enough to evacuate the plane that might have a bomb on it, you might as well have allowed it to continue to its destination


That’s about as fucked as the asshole with the backpack.


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