Drunk gentleman gets aggressive mid-flight, punches passenger before plane is diverted

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Altitude psychosis?

Nope - just another drunk dude.


Flying is so cheap now that anybody can afford it. Which means airplanes have become Greyhound buses of the sky–with a full bar. Maybe we need to rethink this combination.


I hope they arrested Garilli too for willful disregard of proper scene framing.,


I’m not sure what airlines you’re flying that are Greyhound-level cheap, but a 1.5 hr coach flight from Boston to Columbus OH was about $1200 during the Christmas season.


When did a drunk who punches people get elevated to the category of “gentleman”?
Seriously, a proper term is needed here and gentleman isn’t one.


One of those days when a cattle prod would make your day go smoother…


Yeah…sometimes flying is cheap is hell…other times its ridiculous. I suppose it just all depends on the “when”.


I’m don’t think the pocketbook is the key indicator of this gentleman’s quality.

Perhaps we should be tattooing “mean drunk” on foreheads.


They charge people go to Ohio? :slight_smile:


I mean, sometimes I can get Southwest flights for $70-80 each way, but even a $160 flight isn’t going to put me in a party mood. Where things get a little wacky is during (not cheap) intercontinental flights where booze is included. I remember my 15 hr flight to Australia and being offered big cans of Victoria Bitter every hour or so.

Farmhands fly for free! Off to go cow tipping, hyuck!

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I tend to have two drinks on any flight more than 5 hours. But by two drinks…I mean two nips…which for me personally is half a drink. :laughing:


It is abundantly clear that, much like anywhere else, people on airplanes cannot be guaranteed to behave well, and that in the isolated confines, they will probably get a lot of attention when they behave badly.

So… why exactly are things like this newsworthy? It’s not funny or interesting, it’s just kinda sad. I doubt nothing is going to convince airlines to stop serving liquor, which probably wouldn’t remedy the problem entirely anyway.


I didn’t say that pricing based on the law of supply and demand is no more. Sure, prices change when the market warrants it. No doubt Greyhound also increases prices during heavy travel demand times.
But generally, here in the US and Europe, flying is cheap.

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No, they charge people to leave. It probably was a round trip.

Outside of budget airlines running specials, I think most people feel that flying has gotten a lot more expensive, not cheaper. The US doesn’t have a Ryanair-style dirt-cheap airline, and those that are that cheap don’t really have full bars, just quick snacks for sale.


7hrs? thank you stupid drunk shithead


You think economically lower class people are more prone to assholery?

Gentleman is used sarcastically on BoingBoing unless otherwise indicated.

(Someone really needs to put a notice on the front page.)


Wonder why they chose Sydney to divert to? Thats almost in the opposite direction to Singapore from the Gold Coast, and about a further hours flying away.

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I certainly appreciate sarcasm, but “gentleman” is a noble word that is so rarely used that its primary understanding might be forever tarnished by repeated sarcasmization. Maybe something more general like “grown-up male”.