Watch: Explosive fist fight on plane between passengers going from Narita to LAX


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Ugly, extremely ugly. In front of children too.


"or is it something in the air?"
I see what you did there…


Have plane rides always been this crazy

More people are flying now than ever. It’s bound to happen.

Friend of mine had this happen to him:

What the article doesn’t mention is the fact that he took a couple “sick days” to go to an interview in NYC. That Friday morning, his boss sees his face in the news wearing a suit coming back from NYC.

Monday, they had a rather awkward sit-down. Thankfully, he’d gotten the job!


At least he didn’t wait a few hours before becoming violent and force the plane to divert to Anchorage…


I’d wager a bet that cabins becoming ever more cramped could be leading to more issues. People have a breaking point when their tolerance just goes and they snap


My workplace a couple years back changed the policy around “sick” vs “vacation” days. They lump it all into “Paid time off” days now. This way there is no argument that you take a day out, do whatever you like/need to.


[quote=“Carla_Sinclair, post:1, topic:100292”]According to the Daily Mail[/quote]Oh no, are we not trying to discourage that kind of thing?


This is nothing new in the airline industry. What’s new is that everyone now has a cellphone to take video and post to social media.


Not really the “sick day” at issue, it’s just some managers get prickly about interviewing with other companies. So best practice is to don’t let on that you’re interviewing.

As it stands, the company could have been considered a competitor, and so his 2 weeks became getting walked out the door by security.


THAT happens at my work routinely. Associates understand though due to the security concerns.

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It does seem that the airlines are conducting experiments to learn how badly people can be debased and degraded before they explode. #latestagecapitalism


Please feel empowered since the US elections. Societal norms are out the window. Folks that support the man in Oval Office feel it’s their right to be a bully any and everywhere now. The stupid have a voice and they don’t think twice about using it. I really think we’ve jumped into some whacked out parallel universe.


I think they were Democrats arguing over the 2016 primary.


o_0 Drunk people making asses of themselves, even on planes, have been happening way before the election. Not sure that has anything to do with.


Now this is what I call making America great again. Thanks, Trump!


Personal space I think is the biggest problem, exacerbated by delayed flights+airport bars.

Waay back in 2014:


I had a guy a while back using one of these behind me on a long flight (~5 hours)

Definitely made me much madder than someone reclining suddenly against my laptop screen.

But I’m an adult, so I didn’t make a scene. Just played it out in my head.


Read headline as “Fight with explosive fists”. I thnk I’ve seen that movie.


I’ve seen at least one person have Ambient-induced sleepwalking/zombie spells – those can be creepy to watch.

The last time I flew from BOS to CMH (a 2 hr flight, more or less), the guy across the aisle from me sneezed repeatedly, non-stop, from the moment the flight took off until we landed. His wife just patted him on the back once in awhile as if this was normal. Strangers were all looking at each other like “dude, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”