Flightline is a beautiful desktop PC inspired by the Wright Brothers Memorial




If only it looked like a banana, then I would look at it.


Shame it’s got no real poke, but, ooooooh the Deco Shiny. It is pretty.


Guaranteed to become an antique much faster than regular fine furniture.


Lovely work, assuming that you want to actually see the PC.

My own preference these days for most computing would be a processor-in-the-monitor system, or a laptop placed to be “invisible”. Desktops have huge advantages if you really want to push to the limit and/or plug in custom hardware, but for what I’m currently doing high-speed-serial-network connectivity to external devices is plenty fast enough.

“All machines wait for input at the same speed.”


beautiful case. this would be perfect for a FSX install, and nothing else. (unfortunately, my last fsx install tipped the drives at 100GB… bah)


Bah! Someone call me when they start making PC cases that looks like a bust of Alberto Santos-Dumont, or in the shape of his 14-bis!


That memorial looks straight out of original BioShock.


Well, it’s vice versa really, but aye.


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