Flooding in Venice put three-quarters of the city underwater


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The electricity is still on with feet of water in the shops. This shouldn’t surprise me, but does.


You know, I’d bet that the outlets there are not close to the floor.


Ahh, Venice…


Venice is sinking and the seas are rising.

Has anyone made predictions on when Venice will be no more?


Hopefully this won’t happen once MOSE is completed.


Seems like hubris to have a low lying city and hoping whatever we do can withstand the forces of nature. Worked great for the Titanic.


Non Canadians might not be familiar with “If Venice is Sinking” by Spirit of the West


Whoa! Visit while you can. This will be the next Atlantis.


The US has a number of cities that have parts or their entirety at risk of this. There are S FL areas right now that get flooded by normal ‘spring’ tides. I hold my breath every hurricane season, I’ll let it out soon, we’ve passed the Sandy anniversary. It’s been 6 years and nothing of substance has been done on either bank of the Hudson.


It’s a hoax. They just want to make Trump look bad.


Venice is a really lovely city and so unique. No cars, no buses. Everything moves by foot or by boat. The streets wander in no particular grid pattern. Everywhere are little plazas, foot bridges over canals.

It’s going to be a real shame when it’s gone.


And New Orleans.


Seeing this made me wonder about the status of that project. Thanks!


It’s worked out pretty well for Death Valley at least… for now.


Seems to have worked better for the Netherlands. Innovation and learning from past mistakes makes me hopeful that a solution can be found.


I think the city was there before the current bout of human-forced climate change started.


A temporary one can certainly be found. It will be extremely expensive but it will work for the next century or so. After that, if the icecaps really start melting, we’re all fucked anyway. What will remain of my country will be perhaps a few island cities, but most of it will be lost.

ETA: on Venice, that particular city is pretty much done for no matter if that new sea wall works. It’s built on a swamp and those aren’t very stable. Stuff tends to sink into them, I should know, I live on one too essentially. They either need to raise the whole city up, which I suppose would be possible if not hilariously expensive, or just abandon it and rebuild further inland.


I’m sure but the ocean doesn’t care, unless someone can slide into Poseidon’s DMs


Right, but you make it sound like the Venetians consciously decided to put their city in the worst possible location.