Floofs pounce on human making snow angels


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He fell over like a tree. I wonder if the pups ran over because they thought something was wrong with him. Hurt or something.


If all dogs go to heaven, then they should be allowed to make snow angels too.


It also looked like there was about 1/2" of snow over hard ground that he slammed into. May have a bruised butt.


Pup 1: “…!!! Snow’s only 1/2 inch!”
Pip 2: “Yeah. I know. Quick! Follow me!!”


Good clean fun.


Or is it?



Must lick face! Must lick face!


I’ve got a couple Floofs myself, though they’re properly called Fluffpuffs 'round these parts. They absolutely luurve snow, even when it’s too much for them.




I do like this picture, but having had the privilege to have known a fair few dogs in my time on this planet, I’m sure most of them would have been delighted to know they’d rolled in yellow snow.


shake it out


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