Floor safety cone outwits gentleman


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Trump is inheriting the right to Breitbartize Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty



The video cuts off where he’s about to get taken down by the tow line he’s created with the tape. Dang.


I know Karma isn’t really a thing, but stuff like this makes me want to believe.


I think that the concept of karma is often misunderstood outside of dharmic culture. All it means is essentially “causality”, which does not seem very controversial. So if you don’t change the oil in your car, and it breaks down, it really is your karma, a consequence of your actions. But Abrahamic culture often has a more judgemental outlook, so it gets interpreted as not as the phenomenological “what resulted from your actions” but rather “you got what the universe thinks you deserved.”


In my headcanon, he faceplants at that moment.


He’s reacted to that barrier the way a Turmp voter reacts to civilisation


“You call this a wall?”


“this ‘cone’ confuses and infuriates me!”


He tought He was Richard Ashcroft…


Why did the kick the second cone? That guy wasn’t even involved.


Fortunatelly it had karate lessons.


guilty by association of course.


All those cones look alike!


They’re not cones, they’re delineator posts.


Don’t know about dharma but the point is in Buddhism that karma is illusory and has nothing to do with “what the universe thinks you deserved.” The universe doesn’t think. Karma is what you think you get as a result of action. As Krishna says to Arjuna (in Eliot’s translation, in Four Quartets) “And do not think of the fruit of action, fare forward, voyagers.”

This guy didn’t think of the fruit of action but I don’t think he had making a philosophical point in mind.


They are frustrate cones, it’s just that the taper is too small to see.


Off topic, but I used to block gifs/videos in my browser for BB. Switched machines and didn’t bother to turn it back on. BB just popped the threshold and I’m off to still the chaotic advertising waters once again.


While in Tokyo I once saw an inebrietated gent pick a fight with, and slowly lose* to, a vending machine. It was almost balletic in it’s choreography and I’ve only seen its equal in select episodes of Mr. Bean.

  • and to whatever awful thing you’re imagining, no. He just slid to a gentle, facedown collapse as neither gravity nor his erstwhile opponent sustained interest in keeping him upright.

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