Idiot smashing store window gets hit with instant karma


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As far as i’m concerned the person in the red car is a hero


Searched my entire cubicle, no fucks to be found.


Right on his fucking head.


why blur the face of the obvious criminal? but not the man whom he threatened? that just seems backassward as all fuck.


Didn’t look too bad. I guess he just realized the whole stupidity and decided to escape reality. Maybe everything will go away.


I’m assuming he’s not dead so I can laugh at this.


i would love to know the conversation.

*crash! smash!"
“oh hey there, buddy, whatcha doing smashing that window?”
“okey dokey, i’ll just go over here and start calling the cops. don’t mind me.”
crash! smash!
scamper off
“oh, hang on, officer, i think the guy may need an ambulance now… yep, yep, that would be a good idea…”
driver: “dammit, now i’m REALLY going to be late for work!” SIGH


I dunno. The Darwin Awards is a thing, and people laugh at those.


Yeah but I don’t want to see the video


For sure, i would think its a fair assumption that the guy is fine. Otherwise Boing Boing’s got a problem, after all they did post a video of a few guys dying by electrocution last week or so.


White hat guy really is a white hat guy.


It looks like maybe he got a leg fracture. It’s a fair bet he was plastered, so his muscles were probably relaxed when he went over the hood and sprawled on the pavement.

I hope the driver doesn’t get dinged by his insurance. Anyone know what liability is like in Poland?


What a shame, hope the car is ok


hit with instant karma

Seeing what you did there


Maybe the car that hit him was a Fisker Karma


Because criminal or not, it is not for you (or the author of the video) to decide. That’s the job of the court. Plenty of countries have rather restrictive privacy protection laws and you are exposing yourself to a potential legal liability if you publish (as opposed to giving it to the police) a video like that without the perp’s consent.

Just two weeks ago a company in Czech Republic got hit with a huge fine for posting a video of a thief online for this exact reason. In Austria you can get hit with 20 000 euro fine for the first violation, e.g. because you simply have a dashcam in the car.

We may think whatever we want about such laws but they in force and actively enforced. So that’s why the blurring.


Poor guy. Hope he’s no more damaged than the windows he smashed.


smart juice (alcohol) might be involved.


That doesn’t explain not blurring out the face of the other individual who was doing nothing wrong.