Idiot smashing store window gets hit with instant karma


yo but is that dude dead?


Mr. Dumas, criminal mastermind.


If so, it would probably have been on fire. Flaming Karma!


So the only way to get a legal right to privacy is to commit a crime? What about the victim? Is his consent irrelevant?


I feel like the bystander is more likely to give consent.


youtube seems to think he died. :frowning: not that i trust comments on youtube, but damn BB can you at least check and let us know BEFORE posting possible snuff videos. This isn’t that kind of site is it? :dizzy_face:

i can’t laugh unless i know the person is okay, that is the difference between funny and god damn awful.


My take is that the dude is suffering from some sort of mental disability.

I don’t see instant karma, just another series of unfortunate events.


I like how the threatened bystander just walks over calmly.


I gotta’ get me some of those fuggly pants.


He appears to be using some sort of judo stance when first confronted. Notice his leg position as the guy accosts him. He’s ready to toss the fucker into the street the moment he puts his hands on him.


So I can sorta understand a drunk or whatever guy smashing a window of chuckles. But then he seems to be trying to completely remove every last trace of the window. WTF? Was there something very large in there we can’t see he’s trying to set free? Or does he just have pride in his work and you don’t leave a job partially done?


So someone with probable mental illness who damaged a little bit of property deserves debilitating painful injuries? Wow, Buddha is an asshole!


If you remove all traces of the window, then you can’t prove that a window’s been broken. Perfect crime, really.


The only thing that would make this better is if he were a republican legislator from South Dakota.

JK, LOL! Sorry if anyone got offended! Just trying to encourage criminals to not run into traffic.


I was waiting for the extra whammy of the guy in the red car being the owner of the store.


No one suspects or is accusing any of the other people of any wrong doing so there is no requirement in law to blur their faces. The laws exist to ensure a fair trial and to avoid people being badly treated. In some European countries it is illegal to publish pictures and names of people accused of crimes until there is a judgement in the case or at least before the case goes to court. Here in Norway crimes are routinely reported in the newspapers with only the rough location and the ages of some of the people involved, neither the accused nor the victim will be named in the first instance.


But wait. What if the shop was owned by some ultra-nationalist. Then it would be yay for the idiot wouldn’t it?
All this violence porn is unbecoming for a purveyor of wonderful things (or even “mostly” wonderful things).


Sure, I thought this was funny (as long as he didn’t die), but… Did anyone notice something strange about this? If you watch closely at 0:03 and 0:04, the first hole in the “window” appears a fraction of a second BEFORE his first hit! You can see a few pieces of “glass” hit the pavement an instant before he puts his elbow up against the “glass.” Also, glass that thick doesn’t break out that easily. I think the whole thing was staged! What do you think?

Just watched it a bunch more times. The video has been edited right between 0:03 and 0:04. You can see the guy walking up the sidewalk in the distance “jump ahead” a few feet. So why did they edit out the piece where the glass was initially broken? Still think it’s staged.


Certainly a happy ending for society if he is gone.

I hope the country this happened in does not have loose laws that allow criminals to sue people over this stuff…“I was innocently running away, by jumping into traffic, from a couple of possible violent felonies i was in the middle of and this careless driver smashed into me”.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for the violent jerk who brought this on himself. My feelings are reserved for the driver who had to experience this and may now face criminal or civil suits depending on local laws or possibly even violent retribution from the yobo’s “mates”.

I note a number of drivers who where witnesses to the accident got the hell out of there. Hope there some with guts enough to stick around so the driver has backup to this that there’ no way he could have avoided this clown.


if you root around in the comments, an unblurred video has been published.