Florida 3-year-old dies after finding loaded gun in home and shooting himself

But you are and you always do, in pretty much every post about someone getting shot/killed.


This topic is not about any one poster on the BBS.

Comments that focus on specific users rather than their opinions have always been inappropriate here and continue to be. Do not do this.

These posts are here on the BBS because the ongoing tragedy of gun violence is as important to cover as any other topic, and as with so many tragedies, it requires systemic change at many levels.

Posts glorifying violence have never been allowed here, but posts helping to put the facts straight matter because politicians opposed to anything more than “thoughts and prayers” are really good at supporting legislation and policies that don’t actually do anything useful on purpose, and they use bad statistics and technical details to do so. That means that, yes, sometimes specifics matter. That’s not more important than the victims of these tragedies, nor is it more important than doing something to end this tragedy, but nor is it appropriate to browbeat users who share their opinions or specifics on these incidents either. Sunshine is the best disinfectant and an educated population is what opponents to gun control fear most - otherwise, they would not work so hard to prevent research or statistics gathering around firearms.