Florida Christian school teacher loses her job and faces jail for twerking on a student

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Well, Crikey, she moves in mysterious ways.


The timeline isn’t entirely clear in the article but it sounds like she got fired (and arrested) over the sexting thing in June and is just now facing separate charges for her previous misconduct at the prom in April.


I’ve seen this article in a few places, and it really buries the lede:

Authorities said the student told investigators that Hoover also pressured the student to drink alcohol and forced the straw from her cup into his mouth.

That’s a wee bit more illegal than twerking…


ah, florida-da.
teacher suggestively dances for student, sends inappropriate text messages to an 18 year old…
but don’t say gay, goddammit!


As Christians, I hope they can forgive her.


With teachers like this, maybe DeSantis is on to something by replacing them with veterans and cops.

Still. No.


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I Googled the school’s location and found that the so-called Christian School looks more like Guantanamo. Scary place.


Um, no… not the if students were under 18. THAT is grooming, in fact. No adult should be acting in that way with children in their care. Ever. It’s not appropriate at all for their to be any sort of sexualized contact between a student and teacher. NONE.

And even if the student in question turns 18, she is still in a position of power over his life while he’s still a student.


It was meant as a mock of assholes like Weinstein. As in, obviously it was not consensual.

The translation from brain to keyboard apparently didn’t go well.

Poe’s law, dude. Plenty of people will seriously argue that a grown woman can’t rape a teenage boy because the teenage boy “wants it”… which is fucking gross, but is a real belief held by a large number of people in this world.

On the internet, no one can hear your mocking tone, so you need to indicate when you’re being sarcastic, or people will take your comments at face value, especially when there are people who make those exact same arguments.

A sarcasm tag is your friend - /s


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