Florida HS Principal and student interrupted smoking pot, making out. Arrest follows


Doesn’t “caught” imply that there is something wrong with what they were doing?


Neither marijuana or love are likely legal in Florida.


Going to resist referencing a Bloodhound Gang lyric here…

I would agree that neither should have been arrested, but she should actually face some consequences from the school board for this.

I mean, it’s problematic in the private sector to get drunk and hookup with your employees. I don’t see how this is any more appropriate.

It is completely inappropriate and I am sure grounds for dismissal. Its mostly just Florida.


Hey, most of the teacher sex scandals in Florida seem to involve an educator hooking up with one of her middle-school students. This is progress!


I bet he’s scarred for life (assuming the he).

A tattoo and small screwdriver will be submitted as evidence against the Florida gentlewoman.

The student is 18, sure, but still a student, and this 45-year old woman is still the principal and with that comes a very clear and obvious power imbalance. A 45 year old grown ass woman should know better than to make out with her 18 year old student. The 18 year old student’s peers are fellow high school students. That’s important.

The principal should be arrested imo although the law may not allow for much due to the student’s age. The principal should *definitely * lose her job IMMEDIATELY. it is blatantly clear that she does not understand boundaries. I’m less concerned about the pot (although that’s still not cool to do with your STUDENT) than I am the making out and sexual behavior. That’s very not cool. With her student.

The student should have the option to talk to a counselor.


Well, it’s mostly Floriday because they have very loose privacy laws for crimes and stuff. As long as you’re over 18, most of it is made public. So it’s just super easy to get to salacious information, unlike most other states. That’s why we hear a lot about Floriday, and it’s not really 'cuz they are “crazier” than other states. Although maybe it’s party that, too.

Author Carl Hiaasen has been writing for the Maimi Helald for a long time. Lots of great reading. Most of his mystery-thrillers are based in Florida. Anyone who enjoys Crazy Florida stories should check out Hiaasen’s novels.



The headline is misleading, in that they were not principal/student of the same school. It’s not as if they had an in-school relationship to maintain, as distinct from their chosen personal boundaries. Why manager/managee relationships are problematic is because they are co-workers at the same company - already a dicey prospect. Should managers be constrained to have sex only with other managers, rather than managees even of other companies? I am not convinced that such relationships can be assumed to have a latent power dynamic.

Florida Man is going to be pissed!


“But, the student, who is 18 years old, admitted she was his principal.”


This doesn’t jive, unless they mean that she was his principal in the further past, rather than when the even transpired.

She’s the principal at Mavericks High School. The student in the car is a senior at the Palm Springs school.

Um yes she was her principal. And it shouldn’t matter either way. There is a clear imbalance of power here. This has nothing to do with employee/manager relationships. I don’t really think the apology is apt or appropriate here.


The day that a Florida Boy became a Florida Man



Well, she should have waited until the student graduated. Conflict of interest but not obviously criminal

How exactly doesn’t it matter? You said that it was a specific power dynamic which made their relationship inappropriate!

I was using it as an analogy, the point being that power imbalance can only be said to exist if they are in the same institution.

She’s the principal at Mavericks High School. The student in the car is a senior at the Palm Springs school.

Apology implies that somebody has been wronged in the first place. I don’t agree with people needing to answer to outsiders about their (in this case, presumed) sexual relationships.

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But you know what? Since you brought it up (even though, imo, it’s off-topic), I am going to share with you a great example. Think this through. Who gets to decide that there is no “latent power dynamic”? The victim or the abuser?

Because, these days, you can have written proof of sexual harassment from a superior, but the case will get thrown out due to “lack of evidence” and then all of your superior’s colleagues and bosses will claim it was TOTALLY consensual even though you, the victim, clearly state it is not and have proof of the harassment.

And then people will gang up on you on the internet and ask “so why didn’t she say something earlier?” because obviously less written proof is totally going to help. In other words, she is being victim blamed from every fucking angle, and she did everything “right”. But it’s still not enough. It’s still not “right”. Either way, the victim’s life and possibly career is in a shambles, and the abuser gains fans and supporters.

So on September 14, 2012, Claire did what she calls “one of the most difficult things I have done.” She accused the most famous philosopher in the department of sexual harassment. She submitted his offensive emails to Wilhemena Black, the coordinator who oversees the university’s compliance with Title IX, a landmark federal statute that prohibits schools receiving financial aid from the Department of Education from discriminating by gender or allowing sexual harassment.


Thirty-five days later, UM officials ruled there was insufficient evidence. Instead, they accused McGinn of the more tepid “failure to disclose a consensual romantic relationship.”

McGinn didn’t tarry. He resigned before he could be found officially responsible for anything, then took to the internet to proclaim his innocence. This spurred a spate of high-profile stories about the case from Slate, the New York Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, and elsewhere. Claire — whom New Times has given a pseudonym because she is an alleged victim of sexual harassment — declined their requests for comment but spoke to New Times for the first time.

“I never slept with him or had sexual contact with him. I never even kissed him. So how was his obsession consensual or romantic?” Claire says. “I came to UM to learn and grow as a philosopher, not to have my professor tell me he had an erection when he thought about me and found me a stimulating mental construct to masturbate to.”