Florida judge allegedly punches public defender



Whoever has that public defender for his lawyer might want to request a new one with this judge.

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What, and give up a public defender who is actually willing to fight for his clients, metaphorically and literally?

It would make more sense to get the judge to be recused.


[quote=“Prezombie, post:3, topic:33289, full:true”]It would make more sense to get the judge to be recused.[/quote]How about removed/impeached, instead? A judge who is willing to throw punches at a lawyer for following proper procedure is definitely not worthy of being a judge.

This lawyer should seriously press charges for assault.


Pressing charges for assault after agreeing to go outside and fight someone. That’s some good lawyerin’, if you can pull it off…


BAILIFF: I’ll be right here. I’m not having any part of this.


When asked “if you want to fight, let’s go outside”, isn’t the correct answer to say “Are you threatening me? Because if you’re threatening me, we can get the police involved right now.”

Both of those guys were being hijacked by their amygdalas. It would be interesting to know how it got to that point.


The only voice I can hear:


I’m beginning to think of Florida as this sort of pocket dimension where the normal laws of physics and nature don’t apply, sort of like if you combined Alice in Wonderland with The Road Warrior.


Yes, but Piers Anthony did it already with Xanth. Which seems preferable to the current scenario.

And still orders of magnitude better than Alabama.

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Seriously sounds like the two of them need to be as far from a functioning court of law as possible.

Disbarred/impeached at the least for “unprofessional conduct”.

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Well, @retepslluerb beat me to it. But it warrants repeating:

Seriously, what is in Florida’s water? :open_mouth:

Good ole high court, low court. Judge physically assaults a public defender and nothing happens to him at all. Other way around? Instant arrest.

The judge needs to be prosecuted for assault, not just reported to the bar.


Um, who won? That doesn’t seem clear to me.


You Got Knocked The Fuck OUT, Man!

i try hard to see this as single incident in just one state, but in the end it will taint my view of the US court system.


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