Florida man arrested in FBI sting over “weapon of mass destruction” synagogue bombing plans

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Is this another one of those fellers that the FBI basically groomed into becoming a terrorist?


I was just wondering that myself - what the national stats would look like in this regard if all the plots coaxed into existence by the FBI were excluded.


If it’s a weapon of Mass Destruction, wouldn’t he have to be attacking a Catholic church instead?


“I’m ready, bro!”

Why am I laughing?


We are calling conventional bombs WMDs?

If it’s a weapon of mass destruction, does that mean Hans Blix couldn’t find an IED in Iraq?


What’s with the tags here? “ISIS is in the house” sounds a lot more, you know, Daesh than neonazi, and those folks don’t seem all that white supremacist.


I know I’d feel a heck of a lot worse if he’d succeeded. But since he didn’t… all that seems to be going through my mind is, “Bro-qaeda?”


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All in a day’s work for Florida Man.


Probably not nearly as many as they have taken credit for breaking up. Not that this guy wasn’t clearly hateful, but it also seems like he’s kind of incompetent and wouldn’t have thought about pulling something like this off unless he had someone push him to do so. It kind of feels like the FBI and Daesh are sort of competing for young angry guys who hate America’s foreign policy enough to be pushed into action. It’s kind of weird if you think about it in those terms.


It sure does look like another one. Which begs the question: Has there been a single case trumpeted by the FBI that wasn’t cut-and-dried entrapment? Have they actually saved us from anything?

However, I also like the reframing provided by @Mindysan33 – positing that the FBI is trying to recruit the angry kids faster than Daesh can do it. In these terms, the FBI just might be doing something positive after all.


Until I saw the "ISIS is in the house.” quote, I wasn’t sure if he was a would-be ISIS shitsack or was just confusing synagogues and mosques. Because Florida. Given the quotes, I’m suspecting mental illness had a role in this, though.

Well, those cases where guys went on shooting sprees or a bomb actually went off? Those were real. Not that the FBI did much to stop those, because they couldn’t. In terms of actually thwarted plots, it really does seem like they basically have to create the plot themselves in order to actually successfully stop it. (It could be worse - we should be thankful they’re not creating plots they can’t stop. It’s certainly happened in the past…) Plus, most would-be terrorists know that it’s far easier to just buy a gun than try to make a bomb.


You’re just being paranoid. A Latino jihadist in election year could only be the logical result of Venezuelan socialism and too few good guys with a gun.

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

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Genius at work!


it indicates there’s a better way of going about things. it seems to me many people get swept up by terrorism for the same reason people get swept up by gangs. and the solution to both problems isn’t thought police, but providing meaningful alternatives.

even the act of trying to connect with proto members removes some of the “us versus them” heat that powers those groups.


Read it three times before I got it. I am a little slow.

A Higgs Boson walks into a Catholic church and says, hey, you can’t have mass without me!


At least it wasn’t a kid this time,… However, I guess a 40 year old Florida man might be equivalent.


From the article it sounds like he had the idea on his own (or at least not from the FBI).

The FBI just gave him enough rope to hang himself.

Good thing somehow the word got out to the FBI and not real terrorists. Though I bet FBI undercover agents posing as terrorist out number real terrorists in the US 10 to 1. This has to be how just about every “wife hiring a hit man” story ends with the hit man being a cop/the FBI the whole time.