Florida Man attempting to rob bank leaves behind job application form with username, password


Oh Florida Man, you are such a scamp…


I can see his point. Its really hard to get your application seen by a human these days.


That explains why all the recent tweets from @CRUZFELIPE36 say stuff like “LOL I’M A STUPID A-HOLE AND NOW IM IN JAIL!!1!!!”

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I wonder what circumstances led him to this point.

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Isn’t there a law against using such a crappy password?

Edit: isn’t there a law against such poor reading comprehension? Anyway, his username isn’t that great. And his password was probably lame, too.

Are we sure he started robbing out the bank? Maybe he just waved the gun around so that they would actually move faster than a glacier.

Did someone say Florida Man?

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Don’t forget Florida Woman – she’s not quite the scamp, but she does get into some shenanigans…

Edit: I see that the redditors run a non-gendered Florida Man thread…

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I’m not sure which is worse, this guy, or the fact that the cops are still looking for him…


Perspective, ladies and gentlemen.

This fine man has passed a creative job interview. He has show that he can rob a bank, let everybody know it was him and not get caught by the police.

You are looking at it´s new CEO. One great applause for his new banker career!

Congratulations Sr Cruz!


Do job applications in Florida usually require you to give your username and password? Don’t they have privacy laws there?

minus the sheet data , he left his finger prints and bio code behind as well. CUE the GAIA tactical units.

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