Florida Sheriff warns storm victims to expect warrant checks at hurricane shelters

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Sooo…obey the law or die?

Is that really where florida is at these days?


I’d have to say that “death by hurricane” sounds like some industrial grade cruel and unusual punishment.


While generally I understand the need for enforcing warrants, right NOW isn’t the time for that. The worst hurricane in decades? I think you are going to have your hands full with more important things, sheriff. That and how the fuck are you going to move people around and put them in jail? Is NOW really the time you want to be in charge of feeding and caring for MORE people? Are you sure the jails won’t need evacuated?

Something tells me you didn’t think this through.

ETA - he does say, “We cannot and we will not have innocent children in a shelter with sexual offenders & predators.” I suppose that would be one exception. Are you just going to enforce warrants on say child sex offenders and maybe murder warrants, or everyone?


Oh everyone. Because we all know that once you jaywalk after shoplifting, it’s just a short walk to the nearest elementary school filled with molestable children.


Something tells me that they thought it through very carefully.


Grady Judd (@PolkCoSheriff, 1-800-226-0344)

Scumbag of the day awarded to this douche bag.


So what happens if you show up with no ID and say your name is John Doe?

And what happens if you show up with no ID and say your name is Hilario Barrero?


Papers please!

also, pick up that can


Will those arrested due to outstanding warrants be sheltered from the hurricane in Arpaio tents?


He’s employing the well known “Think of the children!” tactic so that nobody will notice he’s monetizing the danger presented by Irma to crackdown on some serial parking ticket offenders.


This is my question. If they arrest them on outstanding warrants, the safety of the prisoners becomes their responsibility. Are they going to take them to a safe place or are they going to be negligent and store them somewhere crazy and let them die? It might be better just to station officers in the shelters to prevent crime rather than try to take on responsibilities you can’t handle well in a crisis.


Well he mentions the jails are safe shelters. So I don’t think we have to worry about them packed in some makeshift area. But still, like I said, I personally wouldn’t want my jails full of people during a crisis.

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Or, more likely, illegal immigrants that don’t have papers.

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I hope this shitbird is out on foot patrol when the hurricane hits.


Christ, what an asshole


A couple of things immediately came to mind:

In Stephen King’s, The Stand, the police and prison guards just stop coming to work when the super-flu breaks out (realistically because they’ve died of the flu). There are a few scenes of Lloyd Henreid in his cell, surrounded by entire population of prisoners who have died of the flu. But since he’s immune, he’s trapped. Realistically, there’s no one alive to check and let him out; but even if there were, would they?

It also reminds me of the New Orleans doctor, Anna Pou, who (along with with two nurses) gave lethal doses of morphine and sedatives to elderly patients who could not safely be evacuated from the hospital during Hurricane Katrina.

If I had an outstanding warrant, I’d probably leave Florida altogether if that were possible. Which, realistically speaking, is probably the point of that warning.


Unfortunately, no.

To catch people with outstanding warrants, you quietly stake out the shelters. If you’re bragging about it on Twitter, the purpose isn’t to catch people, it’s to frighten them away.

The objective isn’t to collect fines. The objective is to kill undocumented Americans.


“Judd says he will not check immigration status at shelters.”

Not in this case.

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Sure, you don’t check immigration status at the shelter.

You check it at the jail.

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