Florida deputies in shootout with 12- and 14-year-old children who ran away from religious foster home. Sheriff says pair are "evil"

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Ammosexuals: pay no attention to the part about people keeping arsenals of military-grade weapons in their homes! [followed by a detailed technical discussion of how one defines “military-grade”]

Xtianists: how could they run away from the God-fearing people who they were forced to live with?

Copsuckers: Our conclusion in this case:



The story makes it sound like they randomly broke into a house that happened to have an arsenal in it. Is that what happened? If you break into a house in Florida, what are the chances that AK-47s will just be around?


The hell of the foster home I was interned in is still fresh in my mind 50 plus years on. I do not fault the children, the foster system is f@cked, and thereby as child locked in the said system, you are too.


Only slightly lower than in Texas. On the other hand, the odds are much higher that you’ll find a shoulder-fired SAM in any given Florida house.


Just a footnote to the Ammosexuals comment: please also ignore the blatant disregard for any sort of firearms storage, given that two kids obtained firearms and ammunition, meaning it’s likely that 1) nothing was locked up and 2) it was all in the same room.

I have no faith in Florida Man living there, but you’d think the paranoia would at least call for a few locks. Then again, that’s thinking.


Depends on where in FL just like any other state: metropolitan areas are more hand-gunny. The ARs and other weapons are more popular in the more rural swampish areas. Volusia has Daytona, but I’ll bet if you venture far from the coast you will think you’re in another state.


Even NY can be this way too. 3 middle schoolers in my pretty conservative town were planning a school shooting over Discord also happened to live in households with heavy firearms.


Haven’t they made that illegal yet? Only a matter of time. Many act as if it is already illegal.


“Deputies said the children grabbed the guns and opened fire at deputies at about 8:30 p.m. They also used baseball bats to destroy furniture, toilets and a tub, according to authorities.”

“Jackson has been in trouble with the law before, including when she stole puppies and set her prior facility in Flagler County on fire. After that, she was sent to Volusia County.”

It sounds like the damage to these kids was done long before they reached the foster home.


I once had a neighbor who was an avid gun collector, the kind of guy who would proudly wear a loaded sidearm with his old military uniform during 4th of July celebrations just because he could. In his own mind he was probably the very model of “responsible gun owner.”

Then one day someone broke into his house while he was out and all those guns went into the hands of criminals. (His adult son was an addict who had a history of problems with the law so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved somehow).

“Happened to” kind of undersells the causal relationship of the situation. Kids are much less likely to plan a school shooting if they don’t already have access to firearms.


Not disagreeing with you


“Evil” is much easier for the cops to say than is “traumatised and terrified”. I can easily imagine what the “theft of puppies” really entailed (pun unintended. I’m sure the real story is too sad for that).


Blockquote Florida sheriffs ranting about the “evil” children their deputies just shot. What a country.

When all you have is hammers, and everyone else has hammers, everyone gets hammered?!


That’s funny - when black kids get involved in crime, they blame the parents. They blame the broken households and racial culture they were brought up un.

When white kids literally roll out with assault rifles and try to kill cops, it’s just “the kids are evil” and nothing more to be said or done. Also, they exercise “restraint” on these kids, but murder a 12-year-old within 3 seconds if he’s got a toy gun in his hand.


It’s also pretty damn horrifying to hear a Sheriff talk about people’s reluctance to kill children as if it’s a character flaw instead of an indicator of basic humanity.


Exactly. Much easier to just say “these kids are evil” than to ask what the hell was happening to them that made dying in a hail of gunfire a better option than returning to whatever it was? No word on whether the kids were PoC, but this:

This juvenile citation (expletive) that you hear from these faith groups, they need to worry about what’s going on in the pulpit in their church, not worried about what’s going on on the (expletive) streets

certainly makes me think they were.


And no rage for the senseless gun owner.

There are over 200k guns stolen from individuals in the US every year! This number is actually a low estimate as most states do not require gun owners to report a theft.
Then there is another 18k guns stolen from dealers every year.


Right? The Sheriff says

Except this didn’t happen in the street. It happened in someone’s home because that person decided to collect military-grade weaponry and couldn’t even be bothered to store it securely.

If kids broke into someone’s house and found a basket filled with grenades people would be asking “Why the hell would anyone feel a need to keep GRENADES in their home, and what kind of idiot would leave such a dangerous thing sitting out unsecured??”