Florida man attempts to steal car with police officer inside



The Misadventures of Florida Man: America’s Worst Superhero pretty much writes itself. Why isn’t this at least a comic by now?


This is an old story from the 80’s and I have no idea if it’s true. A guy I met, through a buddy, who’d been to in-patient rehab had been drinking. He saw a cop car sitting in an intersection with it’s lights on, and nobody in it. Guy thought it was a good idea to sit in the car, flip the radio’s on, and start singing, “Here piggy piggy piggy!” into the radio.

The story ended with, “And that’s why I ended up in rehab.”

Of course, nowadays, the cops would just shoot you or something.

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This is kind of unfair. The man sounds like he’s not all there, but generally when you steal a running car you don’t get in the passenger side.

Florida, stop hogging all the crazy!

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