Florida man attempts to steal car with police officer inside




The Misadventures of Florida Man: America’s Worst Superhero pretty much writes itself. Why isn’t this at least a comic by now?


This is an old story from the 80’s and I have no idea if it’s true. A guy I met, through a buddy, who’d been to in-patient rehab had been drinking. He saw a cop car sitting in an intersection with it’s lights on, and nobody in it. Guy thought it was a good idea to sit in the car, flip the radio’s on, and start singing, “Here piggy piggy piggy!” into the radio.

The story ended with, “And that’s why I ended up in rehab.”

Of course, nowadays, the cops would just shoot you or something.


This is kind of unfair. The man sounds like he’s not all there, but generally when you steal a running car you don’t get in the passenger side.


Florida, stop hogging all the crazy!


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