Florida Man flies gyrocopter (containing himself) over US Capitol to protest corruption


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And he’s still at large?

The impending release the new Mad Max film is purely a coincidence, of course.


ya just dont see enough gyrocopters lately.

ALSO! just like the NSA, TSA, and all other agencies we talk about on Boing Boing, and needing to MAKE REAL change???

He tried. He actually took ACTION to try to make a statement.

kudos. of course he’ll be slammed to the floor and prosecuted, etc… the government does not like people protesting the government…


Fly an aircraft over DC get free body cavity exam!


But the fact that he was staging some kind of “protest” isn’t actually the reason he’s being arrested—I think it’s fair to say he’d still be in trouble if he’d undertaken that flight just for the fun of it. I actually understand the reasoning behind laws forbidding people from operating low-flying rotor-driven aircraft over densely populated restricted airspace.

That said, this is much more entertaining that the typical “postal worker snaps and does something crazy” story.


I’ve seen the police react faster to people parachutting into Burning Man…

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I don’t think even Bruce Spence would be that crazy.


This is the best part of the article:

Richard Burns, 27, who said he works for a marijuana lobby group in Washington, stood in wonder and solidarity.

“I don’t know whatever it was he was doing but I support him.”

You just know that if this was a scene from a movie Burns be the one saying “I’m not the only one seeing this, right?”


Of course the corporate media also covered the guy that killed himself in front of the Capitol the other day with screams of TERROR ALERT!!! attached to the story. However, they didn’t really bother to mention too much about the sign he had with him that spoke of taxing the one percent.



So is it safe to say there is no more corruption in the government? If that isn’t going to stop it, I don’t know what will…

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Let the hand wringing begin. “What if he had explosives or like a fire bomb on it? What if it was a private aircraft that was slightly larger? What if he crashed into Lincoln’s lap?”

I bet all the kit plane and small plane pilots are cursing this guy now.

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No one can catch Florida Man!


If that had been a Tea Party event they would have claimed a crowd of 500,000.

In fact they remain convinced they turned out a “million” attendees for an event that comprised a thin crowd from the red square to where the buses are parked. Think you could fit the whole population of Delaware into that space?


He almost hit a “Minock”! very obscure reference to Star Wars video game, circa 1995

You are welcome in advance!

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I’m frankly surprised they didn’t shoot on sight…
or out of the air…

kudos for the self restraint guys…er…yeah.


Mr. Hughes is a US postal worker

Good chance they’d be out-gunned. :wink:


Well, he wasn’t a black man with his back turned to them…


“Not good?” That was fucking GREAT! It’s a bird… it’s a plane… It’s … Florida Man!


Even if the story hadn’t identified where he’s from I’d be willing to bet that most people would have just assumed Florida anyway.