WATCH: FBI has chat with YouTuber for filming in Speedo on plane


No shirt, no shoes, no service?

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Thank God our brave boys in blue were on the case. You wouldn’t want the smoking gun to be inside a Speedo, would you?


The guy wearing the Speedo DEFINITELY doesn’t want that. Those things get HOT!


Just goes to show that I am getting out of touch with the internet world as I get older. I’ve never heard of this guy, but he’s got 800k+ YouTube subscribers.

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He’s a lot more popular on Vine - [7.5 million followers][1].


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Sixty years ago we had places for people like that.

“Jerome, say hello to Nurse Ratched…”

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Yeah, I watched his “my first million dollars” video. Interesting story.


Should I be more upset about this guy being an asshole on a flight or the fact that the FBI is now regulating in flight assholery?


He wasnt even shot once? How unamerican.


Well, he was not black. If so he would had been shot before entering the plane.

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Don’t feel bad. I’m 21 and never heard of this guy. Although I am an atypical 21…

He was “released with no charges.”

But what could he possibly be charged with?

In amurika you ARE guilty of something.

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If that’s not a euphemism, then definitely no.

If that is a euphemism, personally no, but I’m sure there are lots of guys and gals that wouldn’t mind seeing that guy’s “smoking gun in his speedos”.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t follow the instructions of the flight crew, you’ve already committed a crime–even if the thing they asked you to stop doing wasn’t a crime. Once you’ve definitely committed a crime (failure to follow flight crew’s instructions), actual LEOs get involved. And once that happens you’re usually up the creek without your inflatable duck. Any questions?

Did this guy disobey flight crew instructions? I don’t care to watch the video.

It looks like one of the flight crew tells them, “You guys aren’t allowed to videotape.”

came for the “snake on a plane” jokes, left disappointed…


Shame it blew up a bit (pardon the pun). It seemed a lot of innocent fun, and everyone on the plane seemed to get a kick out of it. Good-natured pranks are such a breath of fresh air. Cheered up my day, anyway.

That said, you’d have to be a bit naive to think you can pull stunts and pranks on a plane in this day and age, especially in America.