WATCH: FBI has chat with YouTuber for filming in Speedo on plane

I actually don’t think pranks are a good idea on a plane. Stress levels are too high (and I’m not talking about fear of terrorism - just the stress of air travel in general). People need to just chill and let chill. Granted, there are always exceptions. But just IMHO I think let’s leave the pranks for lower stress times.

In general I LOVE pranks. Stuff like Improve Everywhere, for example. I think IF one were to want to try a prank on a plane, work with the crew to do it and make damn sure it’s short and not going to annoy more than it entertains.

Morning caffeine rant over…

Technically, that’s not an instruction, that’s just a statement of fact (which may or may not be accurate).

An instruction would be “stop videotaping.”

Maybe he/she was just concerned that some other busybody would get them in trouble for it. :wink:

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