Fire chief arrested in Japan for tricking women out of their swimsuits


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I guess schoolgirl panties from a vending machine just doesn’t cut it anymore.


I must admit that since the headline contained the words “tricking women out of their swimsuits,” I was expecting something, um, different. Let’s just leave it there.


What the hell is going on about 4 minutes into that video?


Kicks keep getting harder to find.


I sort of pictured him shouting at women on the beach, “Look out! Your suit’s on fire!”



your get cold if you take your clothes off so try it see if you get warmer
…if this is the wrong assertion I’m terribly sorry

any questions people…
the posts on boing since the inauguration have confused my intelligence
somewhat I feel less capable these days


Don’t you mean CLICKS keep getting harder to find, which is why the headline implied the women had to undress?


Ok, what the hell is that anal snorting/blowing/drinking device? That is some serious fireman hazing! Just when you think that you have seen everything…


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