JetBlue attendant doesn't like being stared back by Muslim women, calls police to take them off plane


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they were “staring daggers”? at her


Your friend, Sharon, who actually DID film the security procedure, (the arrest/removal as it occurred on the plane)… was she ALSO detained? (yes it’s a sarcastic question, a quick google of he name turns up a plethora of white women, so I do make that assumption about Mark’s friend, that she is white and has sufficient privilege to both look at flight attendants AND film security procedures).


I have never lost a “staring contest”, ever.

I also hold the record for “mimicking”, according to my Sister.


Yes, my friend Sharon is white.


You have not met my cat.


You have not met my bear.


Should we introduce my cat and your bear? They can stare at each other…


A Bear & Cat date? I’ll check with him, he’s kinda picky about things…


Right, now Insert a JetBlue flight attendant into the SNL video “Racists For Trump”


The authorities should’ve removed the Muslins from the plane sooner. Staring is how it starts. Next thing you know they’ve hypnotized you with their IslamoVision and suddenly you’re voting for a Secret Kenyan and thinking invading Iraq was a bad idea.


The words and apparent attitude of that attendant sound exactly like a cop who rousts a black man for “staring” at him… the authority figure sees eyes on him (or her) and feels that this is somehow “disrespectful”. And, more importantly, that the proper response to this perceived lack of respect is to flex muscles and run the thugs in for a little “re-education”.


I see the problem - it was unusual that someone was actually paying attention to the safety lecture. No innocent person would do that.



Moral: you do not fuck with calicos.

ETA: This picture is so awesome, especially how she turns to the camera and gives off this, “dude was up in my grill – what was I supposed to do?” look. Gotta love that calico attitude.


New FAA rule: no mad dogging flight attendants.


Well there’s the problem. The flight attendants shouldn’t have been conducting security procedures in full view of the public. We can’t let critical information about how to distribute peanuts and soft drinks become general public knowledge.


Kitty’s all bad-ass with the bear, but then gives it away when he/she looks to the owner for reassurance.


“fuck, a witness I have to kill”


For future security they obviously need to be stopped. The safety lectures, for completeness, not the filming.
Thinking about it, Muslims could go around filming road signs and thus be coming up with diabolical plans to modify road signs and create chaos. We must remove all road signs immediately, or cover them. Or encrypt them with an algorithm to which only the NSA has the key. For everybody’s safety.

(During WW2, when a German invasion was considered imminent, all the road signs were removed from Southern England on the assumption that the Germans didn’t have any maps. The resulting chaos, of course, did nothing to shorten WW2. As late as the 1970s many signs had still not been replaced, and a compass was actually a useful car accessory for when you arrived at a 4-way junction with no sign on a cloudy day and needed to orient the map.)