Navy admits its pilot sky-wrote a giant cloud-wiener


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If’n I got to play with fighter jets, I’d totally use them to draw dicks on the firmament. Who wouldn’t?


Some people say they love Dick - but not like this guy.


Now, that’s some chemtrail!


of zero training value

Do you have any idea how hard it is to draw a proper dong? With an AIRPLANE?


I saw some woman explaining that she was offended mainly because she had to explain to her child what the image was.

And yet I’ll bet she had no problem telling her kid that Fido wasn’t dead, they just sent him off to a farm upstate where he could have a better life.


Too bad the FCC doesn’t take a similar view ;_;


Why airline employees have carte blanche to beat the shit out you.


It’s much bigger than it should be at that altitude.




Sausage and two fried eggs? Pilot giving canteen a heads up?
I’m sure it would not be too hard to think of a suitable suggestion.
Perhaps she just had a one track mind.


It’s a thing. Perhaps a right of passage for pilots demonstrating their skill and prowess handling the stick.

Flying by the seat of his pants? Happy Friday! :smiley:


Probably not hard if you have a picture of your own track on a GPS display.

Edit: these days its probably possible to draw the penis directly on the GPS device and tell the plane to follow that route. I know for a fact you can do it on the air traffic controller’s user interface. I might have tried it once or twice.


He was just drawing a picture of my Tool wrench


On a related note, I just found this at the grocery :


OMG! we have a packet of that in the house right now!
My wife’s cousin got it for her. Not sure exactly why…
they laughed so hard when it came out of her purse

wait a sec, can I rephrase that?


How about “it’s a penis”.


Sadly it would have been gone by the time I made it there… Nice to see my state show on BB for amusing things though.


I wish all wars could be decided by who draws the biggest penis in the sky.


I saw the story and thought it was surely a hoax.

This one is. Right?

(Reddit says it’s Russian in origin.)