Marine pilot under investigation for tracing a penis shape in the sky


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The U.S. Marine Corps is looking into allegations that one of its pilots drew a giant invisible dick in the sky, angering people who don’t like giant invisible dicks.

Your tax dollars going to good use.

  1. Why does anybody even know this happened? Are they on the lookout for penis shapes?

  2. Why are they drawing attention to it? Your new SecDef, Barbara Streisand?


Because killing people and training others to kill people isn’t considered obscene.


“I’m king of the world, ma!”


To be fair, that’s some pretty good piloting skills on display there, to draw it so well and evenly.


Yeah, that’s why I’m thinking either the instructor did it, or it was Maverick.



You need to fly the hours. I mean, if the air was sprouting contrails, maybe skip the dick picks, but so what?


Prior art:


Not the first time dicks in the sky have been drawing by military personnel either… wasn’t there one like this earlier in the year or last year but they actually drew it out in the sky.





And over the Salton Sea! My god, think of the children!


“Obscene or inappropriate actions, flight or not, do not reflect the core values we hold as Marines,”

This was said supposedly by Maj. Josef Patterson, but it doesn’t match with any Marine I’ve met.

I could see the issue if it had a smoke trail, but actual flight path??? O_0

People run in patterns and post it all the time, including dicks. If it is invisible, that is not like on the side of a building, I don’t really see the issue. Are there a lot of kids staring at flight plans? If so, they are probably mature enough to handle it.


That was my thought- has Maj. Patterson actually spent time around young enlisted? Because they tales I’ve heard from vets and things posted by active duty relatives and friends paint a different reality.


I loved that bit in Ian McDonald’s Luna: Wolf Moon where miners on the moon had driven tracks across one of the seas enough to have traced out a giant dick visible from the earth. Not that I love the notion anyone would do thst. Just that science fiction would reflect that being what would depressingly happen on the moon with men on it…


I suspect the penis was drawn into the flight control system and the pilot just pressed go.


Invisible is so prudish. Prior art with balls (if you’ll excuse the pun):


It’s just marine pilote took Viagra but didn’t find a woman :sunglasses:


Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for life.
Leave a dirty white van somewhere, he’ll draw a penis and balls on it.