Florida Man Interrogates His Own Son In Court After Killing The Rest Of His Family

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That poor kid. I wish him peace & healing from his trauma.


If a victim has to testify, then could there not have been a way to have somebody else relay the questions, as perhaps the most minor way to reduce the to the the victim, in this case a child?

Did they have an advocate next to them for support?

How do they recover from this and the repeated reliving of that terrible event? This kid will think about this over their life, but it will be compounded when they are notified about every appeal, every parol hearing (if there are any), and every time he is moved to another facility.

I’m going to look baby sloths or something, because there are many terrible stories in a day, but this one has me fuming. A directory of mostly wonderful things… - yay!


Christ that’s horrible. I hope the kiddo gets the help and support he needs to rebuild his mental health and life.


For real. How in the world would any judge approve of this?


Good idea, but don’t click on the Aviaros del Caribe link

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i can only imagine the amount of help he will need to navigate this as he gets older. i sincerely hope there are some good people to support him.



The guy has a right to represent himself, and the right to cross-examine witnesses. I’m not sure how you get around that.


He could have been declared incompetent to defend himself, and provided a court-appointed attorney.


Talking about he’s “ready to die & come back like Biggie,” he sure sounds like he’s not mentally competent.

That poor child…

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You know what they say about people who do that sort of thing.

Yet also proving the adage.

He lost his case!
And there’s this:

An excellent lawyer would never ask a witness a question if they didn’t already know how the witness would answer.
Unless he wanted to quibble over how many times he stabbed his son…
That poor kid! He is an orphan, for all intents & purposes at this point. I hope he gets all the help he will need.


Thank you, I’ll book mark that.

Why is this piece of shit allowed to interrogate his son in court?

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Just a note about the surviving child: He was adopted by a Hillsborough County deputy, and I hope they are getting him the treatment he needs. Oneil was found guilty on all counts and is sentenced to life in prison. The reason he didn’t get death was his mental state.

Frankly, I’m fine with that. I hope they throw away the key.

EDIT: The jury recommended life. The state is pushing for the death penalty. The sentence will be delivered officially July 23. I also recall somewhere that the little boy was not in the courtroom with his father when he testified, but was able to appear on video.


Lawyer here. Clickbait headline. Florida Man, along with anyone else charged with a crime, have a 6th Amendment right to self-represent (some exclusions apply) and to confront their accusers (again, some exceptions apply). Whether self-representation is a good idea is a separate issue. Unfortunately, articles like this bring out the dumb in people who, had they been paying attention, would realize none of what this man is doing is legally controversial.


User name checks out


As I understand it, “quibbling over how many times he stabbed his son” was precisely the strategy — he wanted to demonstrate inconsistencies in the testimonies on the stand vs the statements made at the scene of the crime.

That being said, I feel like a jury might understand that the 11-year-old stab victim may not have been the most lucid immediately after being stabbed by his father.


Yeah, who cares about a child be traumatized… the law was followed, so all is well. /s