Florida man shot cat that "looked at him like he owned the place"

Also, Florida Man didn’t kill the cat. He simply injured it so badly it needed to be euthanized.

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Here ya go:

Good news: we’ve sawed off Florida. Bad news: a 40-mile-tall Bugs Bunny is terrorizing Brunswick GA with a giant state-cutting saw. Meh, it’s a fair compromise.


“The man said he has several health issues”

Uh-huh, and just a hunch, do any of them involve instability that would make gun ownership unwise?

Edit: BB gun, but still.

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Gun safety training. It’s a rare thing these days.

The Ohio neighborhood where my friend lived was like that. I was over for New Year’s one year, and the gentlemanly gentleman next door was firing his artificial penis into the air as a noisemaker.


Nuts, I don’t even get a token for this one.

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I, My better-half and our daughter have been trying to get out of Florida for a few years now.
We are both disabled and get enough to pay bills and such but saving to move? there’s nothing left.

There are some seriously crazy people in this state.

And now… for something completely different: an island of Cats!


I would like to see an update on this, once due process has run its course, something like: “Florida man awaits sentencing for felony animal abuse, relieved of firearms” or even, “Judge grants cats restraining order against Florida cat shooter”

Because it’s Florida and they do things differently there

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One of the most underrated psychological effects of gun culture is that shooting something provides the ultimate solution. It’s a form of closure unavailable in societies that don’t worship guns, and I often wonder about that. Here in the UK, if I really, really hate something or somebody, I might in my darkest dreams think of perhaps putting dog poo through their letter box. Or calling the cops on them. Seducing their wives, or threatening them with a meat cleaver. But that’s the worst of it. In America, on the other hand, they can just reach for a gun. Bam. And the problem is solved.

Sometimes I envy that.


—Admittedly, if my neighbor had 9 cats shitting on everything in sight, my patience would be sorely tried as well…


While I disagree with shooting the cat (It was 100% an overreaction), I also disagree with the cat being out in the first place. I feel bad for the guy having his yard overrun with animals that aren’t his. They drive me nuts here. KEEP YOUR DAMN CATS INSIDE. I have nothing against the animal itself, but the owner should know better. It’s really irresponsible to let them run. They are not natural to this environment, they kill birds, end up dead by cars, and are generally a nuisance to those they do not belong to. Here at least, there are laws against letting them run, but no one seems to care or listen.


You know - one of those motion activated sprinklers that shoos away pests for you is pretty cheap. And won’t get you charged with discharging a firearm in a residential area. Bought one for my mom when she was having troubles with her garden.


As a Florida dwelling man of means and education, I must protest this lazy caricature of my state. Everyone likes to have a whipping boy, someone to feel superior to and it seems that the last decade this concept has been applied to America’s wang.
If everyone really wants to vent about a particularly stupid sociopath’s origin state, might I suggest Trump’s?

“I’ll be homeless. Might be a death sentence for accidentally shooting some cat,” he said.

-Accidentally got his gun.
-Accidentally loaded it.
-Accidentally pointed it at the cat.
-Accidentally pulled the trigger.

Screw that guy.


The funny thing about Trump’s country (Queens, NY) is that it’s full of immigrants, many of them Muslims. And it has been for a long time. It’s not like El Trumpissimo is some yokel out in the hinterland who has never seen someone from outside the county.

Look, do we really want to live in the kind of country where a man can’t shoot a cat in his own yard for looking at him funny? I mean, in Florida, you can legally do that to people.*
Seriously though, keep your cats indoors.

*This is almost true. Since implementing “stand your ground” laws, gun homicides jumped by a third, and they’re quite difficult to prosecute due tot he law.

Or worse. Cats like to crap in vegetable patches, and can transmit things like toxoplasmosis infections, which can be deadly to people with compromised immune systems, cause miscarriages, etc.


He keeps it loaded,* so he can feed his hero fantasy of being able to shoot an ISIS terrorist** at moment’s notice.

*I don’t know this for a fact, but it’s certainly an educated guess.

**who also got a gun legally, because that’s what the NRA wants


There is something terribly wrong with this person.

I’ve trapped cats in my yard and brought them to the shelter. I suspect some of these cats were then put to sleep. I do feel bad for cats with such irresponsible owners.


Unless you’re a cop.

Man those prosecutors are so understanding and nice. /sarc


This definitely does not qualify as “wonderful things”.

ETA1: Enough with the posts on animal deaths and cruelty, please. I see enough of these inadvertently on the mainstream news sites. I don’t need to come here and see this shit too.

ETA2: (Yes, I am unironically expressing Disappointment.)

ETA3: I also agree with the other posts: FFS, keep your cats indoors. The lifespan of outdoor cats is far shorter than indoor cats not only because of shit like this but because of assholes like this guy, but because of cars, wild animals, and general hazards. I’m sure an expert like @Bobo can share real data on this if they were so inclined. Also they are indeed nuisances to others.