Florida man test drives a Porsche 2000+ miles, sadly he took a Panamera




Gotta give him points for consistency.


I really have a lot of trouble navigating this latest boingboing UI. This one is a good example: I click “read the rest” and I just get the same short blurb. I click the title and I get the short blurb. To find the actual story, I have to click the VIA. Why is it so tough to make a clear link to the story?


June 31?


It’s an homage to the experience offered by Porsche’s recent industrial design offerings.


He’d probably make a great Porsche salesman - he loves the product, he has the gift of gab, and he’s not very honest.


Stranger with a $100,000 check late on a Friday. Sure, must be good. I suppose greed + stupid makes good salesmen.


From the sound of it the headline could be, “Sadly he took a Porsche.”


OTOH, he wouldn’t have got 2,000 miles in a 911 without it trying to actively kill him.


Yes, but without 2k trapped inside a Panamera, prison might have seemed worse.


Untrue. The 911 is the most civilized of automobiles.


It seems like y’all agree…

I Spent A Day Driving a Porsche 911 GT3, And It Was Awesome

And this, ladies and gentlemen, brings us back to why you have to be completely out of your mind to buy a 911 GT3: because you compromise on virtually every aspect of the driving experience, and you spend an enormous amount of money to do so. ... Simple: because the Porsche 911 GT3 one of the best vehicles I've ever driven. ... So would I buy one? Absolutely not.


Right up to the point where the back end overtakes the front one. I’m not saying it’s uncivilized, just brutally unforgiving.


Lift-oversteer is sorta like counter steering a motorcycle or top spin in tennis.


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Faster than mudshark’s suggestion: http://boingboing.net/page/1


A brand new 911 will have all sorts of stability control, and will only try and kill you if you insist on turning everything off and driving like a nutter, and even then it’s still got ABS and airbags and all sorts to keep you alive.
A 1980’s model however will try and kill you from the moment you start it up, but 1980s Porches were driven by yuppies so that’s understandable.


Yuppies drove 944s, probably because of this.

My neighbour just bought a Carrera 4. I should tell him he bought the wrong 911.


4 just adds weight and more stuff to break. The 2 is stuck to the ground now. You can’t break the rear end free without turning off the Sport Porsche Active Stability Management or “SPASM,” as noted by @phuzz. Tell me they didn’t acronym that with purpose!

Every new model the weight moves a bit forward. Its getting damn near normal. I miss my 356.


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