Build a LEGO 911 Turbo (because the targa is meh)

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Them’s fighting words.

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Having sat behind the wheel of one once, heck, I’ll fight ya. It is a fun little machine, more fun than any other motor vehicle I’ve driven. Except maybe the M3A1 Bradley when I was in the Army, but that was a different sort of fun.

Nope. The 911 is the pinnacle of design. End of story.


No one has ever let me have a go of their Porsche, the selfish bastards. The funnest thing I’ve ever driven is an NA MX5/Miata, which is pretty fucking fun as any fule kno. Also, which most any fule can afford, which is nice.

I love these Lego kits but I don’t think I’ve seen one yet that does a Porsche justice. They all end up looking a bit too clunky.

‘While I occasionally desperately miss it, 911 cars do not suffer from oversteer. Even on ice.’

The turbo 911’s from the '80s (930) weren’t called ‘The Widowmaker’ for nothing.

When driven reasonably and within the confines of the speed limit and road conditions, your statement is usually true. When driven quickly, they most certainly suffer from lift throttle oversteer. If you are heavily on the throttle then quickly lift off the throttle as you turn, the rear will want to swap ends with the front.

Years ago when I lived behind the Orange Curtain in Newport Beach (Orange County, CA), I remember entering the on-ramp to a local freeway (73) early on a weekend morning and seeing fresh skid marks around the blind ramp. Down at the end of the ramp was a turbo 911 with it’s rear end wrapped around the edge of a jersey barrier. I knew exactly what happened. He got bit by the Widowmaker and lucky for him, it didn’t take his life. It only took his pride.

Aaannnnddd - that’s why they’re so fun to pivot through a turn (within sane reason). Kind of like driving my old (no center diff) Cherokee on gravel or in the snow. Crank the wheel and you just understeer/plow until you lift and pivot. Then back on the gas if you’re wise and averse to going into the bushes.

The rear engine 911: a triumph of engineering over physics!

I meant to say ‘modern’ – a 997.2 with SPASM will hold on. A 930 will not. I spun my 356 round and round and round.

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