I'd take a base model Porsche Carrera over the GT3 RS

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Not sure why, but the thing that surprised me the most was the ability for all of them to come to a complete stop from 100mph in under 5 seconds. That’s incredible.
If someone asked me “choose one of these, it’s yours”, I’d go with the touring. If I was spending my own money - I’d go for the Carrera as well. I can’t afford any of the three, but that is a lot of fun for the $$.


Excluding a track or other closed course, where can you use the breathtaking capabilities of these three wonderful cars?

In the late 2000’s I autocrossed a '95 911. This wasn’t even wheel-to-wheel racing, but after a day spent melting tires as I drifted around (or into) cones, at as close to the car’s capabilities as I could manage, I would drive it home thinking “Damn! I’m driving a race car on the road.”

But then I got to wondering where I could safely drive that way on an open public road. Yes, I could rev-match, or find the apex on a freeway exit, but that is not the same as sliding through a corner on or over the edge of adhesion. I’d found out a little bit of what my car could do, but didn’t have anywhere to do it. That, and I got old.


Too true. Though I still think the value of performance vehicles and driver training (like auto cross) is not for regular driving, but in accident avoidance. I’ve definitely pushed the limits of my car and myself as a driver in avoiding a couple of accidents that could have been really bad.

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The base 911 is still an amazing car and “base” is almost unfair. But I always thought the sweet spot was the GTS model, which is not coincidentally the best street model you can option with a manual transmission.


I’ll stick with my Cayman GTS 4.0. The 911 platform is wonderful, but for me personally, the 982 generation offers a better dollar → smile return. Especially with the return of a six cylinder.


I had a 2007 Carrera stripper model and only found two occasions when I could explore its wonderful possibilities. One of them was driving south from Monterey on California Route 1 on a Tuesday morning when there was little or no traffic. It was pretty wonderful. But on the whole it wasn’t worth the hard ride and $400 oil changes, and I sold it through Carmax after five years.

I presume the people who buy the RS and other super-duper models take them to track days.

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