Florida man watching World Cup game tumbles out window




::facepalm:: Oh, Florida Man. You’ll recover this time, but watch your back…Karma might be catching up with you.


[pleasedon’tbeaboutme, pleasedon’tbeaboutme, pleasedon’tbeaboutme]
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I call fake. Nobody in the US watches futbol. They probably shopped in a guy from Uruguay.


We especially don’t get excited about it.


Article was unclear. Maybe he fell asleep from boredom. “American Outlaws”


Drunk. AO is pretty much an excuse to drink with someone wearing a similar shirt.

And after that Portugal goal, everyone needed a drink.


American Outlaws is a national, unofficial support group for the national soccer team. They’re not exactly a “gang of Florida football fans.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_American_Outlaws

You don’t have to like the World Cup but you should do some research before poke fun at it.


Darwin’s near-miss.


Then it wouldn’t really be the American news-media, would it?


I hope you’re happy Ronaldo! Look at what you’ve done!


Had to be his haircut.


Isn’t that true of most sports fans?


Give that man another beer.

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